Be In The Moment

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To me, Earth is like a birthday cake that excites me every single day. The crust is like the frosting, and you, Shuveny, are like a really, really bright candle.

Thank you for your light, your love, and your breath.

1, 2, 3… Ph-e-e-e-e-e-w!

The Universe

Well, well… as I have mentioned so many times before, inspiration comes from the strangest places… And I needed this today. I think most of us needs a message like this ever so now and again, so if you do not get the messages from the universe, simply remove my name and place your won there.

Feels good hey?

From a beautiful day of chatting away, and listening, and questioning… and hearing, and feeling – argh, just everything being present, fully, utterly can completely present in the moment.

I have spoken to some people privately about the “being in the moment”, and I have watched many, I like to observe and be silent, and then “leading” and being verbal – being in the moment…

Let me use the simple example I have. I have a freshly turned 7 year old. With her, being present is so important, and yes, she does have that horrid thing called “only-child-syndrome”, cause well, she is the only little “hooman” in the house – BEING PRESENT. It is putting your phone away, it is switching of the PC, it is NOT ALLOWING the outside world to interfere with your time set aside for whatever is planned with her. AND I STICK TO MY GUNS.

Here is me, a “grown-up” (forever a child in my own mind), when we are interrupted, I apologize to my child, and I ask her to give me a moment. I explain, that this is work, and I explain to her that at times there will be important interruptions… Technology, yes, the demands of being at the fingertips of someone else that does not understand the concept of BEING IN THE MOMENT.

More than once, and many has experienced this with me – I will be on a video call, or a person sitting across from me – and I would state – please give me a moment, I am not paying attention to you right now… Brutal hey?

NO, it is called being honest, and being IN THE MOMENT. Be aware of the time set aside for “someone” or something – me, I have no time to chat doing litter boxes nor at feeding time, not even when the little “hooman” want to chat, as now, while I am typing to you.

I remind her, this time is set aside for XYZ, should there be constant interruptions, it means I have less time to read to you, play with you, sit with you… or time to check on the four-legged children… Days, just like yours are full, however, I am teaching not only myself, but those willing to listen – be in the moment. Completely, with everything you have to offer –

Even when you are all alone and have a moment for yourself – be completely in that moment as well.

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