Dream Like A Child

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Here are a few techniques learned from children, Shuveny, that will help anyone take their game, or their life, to a whole new level:

  1. Once a day playfully imagine that you’re already living at that new level.
  2. Frequently speak in gratitude as if you’ve already arrived.
  3. Occasionally do something you never would have done at the old level… like praise yourself, reward yourself, or cluck a few times with thumbs under your arms.

I won’t tell a soul,

The Universe

What did you want to “be” when you grow up? Me, a nurse. Can you even imagine that? People that know me, knows I am the WORST sick patient out there, and even worse when someone I care about is sick… in the end I think it is about the limitation of not being able to have them feel better. Helplessness then, right? And yes, I do laugh when I look at old school rapports that state I wanted to be a nurse. However not much different to what I am “doing” already… in a different aspect, but still on the healing path.

Now my daughter, at 7, is telling me she wants to be a popstar. A healer and a vet. I wonder which one will “win” in the end… I do wonder.
However, I sit in the room, reading or watching something mindless, listening to her singing and dancing in front of the mirror, then wanting to play “doctor” with the dolls (not much of a doll child, I was attached to my dollies).

Many people forget that I may be “older” in years however have a very young child in my life. Thus, I am blessed at times to view the world through her eyes. A blessing and a challenge, as my mind has been in grown up mode for many years. Survival mode. Just getting through the day, the week, the month mode… The year. And optimistically having faith for a “better” year, and as life goes, and days and weeks fly by, the faith wears thin. The optimism a tad word out.

It is a great thing to touch base with people understanding the concept of having faith. Strong faith, no matter the foundation. It triggers inspiration.

In the end, we forget to be optimistic, to see life and the wonders of it through the eyes of a child. I sometimes wonder if we “breed” tiny humans with pessimism, because of “life” and the struggles.

I had short years of being a happy child. Not pessimistic, but honest. I realised yesterday, that for some reason, I am “missing” parts of my life in JHB. It is somewhere in the voids of the mind, however clouded.

Personally, I find children refreshing in their honesty. And here is one thing I have found myself doing as well. When a child voices something that we as the grown-up find unacceptable, we punish, instead of using it as a learning curve. For example – saying someone is fat – it is an honest comment, however, we find it embarrassing. Thus, scolding the child for voicing an opinion. It is a reminder for me, today, to go back to the drawing board, and gently guide with explaining, if that was or is said about you, you will feel sad, so we do not shame someone else.

Live life like a child, find that honest core of your being, and dream the impossible again… you never know where those ideas fall, and to what they grow into one day.

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