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Shuveny makes you feel at home and relaxed the minute you arrive, you’re surrounded by animals in a tranquil setting and you feel the peace immediately.

Healing over 30 years of turmoil takes time, but she is always there to listen and understands that we are individuals.

I’d definitely recommend Healing Evolution for anyone, no matter how big or small your healing process will be!

Thank you Shuveny for helping me start my healing journey, and siding me in discovering who and what I’m capable of, I’m not there yet, but you gave me the tools to progress slowly but surely!

I met Shuveny at the March fayre this year, I thought I wouldn’t be able to have a reading done as she was just SO busy – so I went to watch her seminar on the different forms of abuse and how to recognize those patterns. It ended in me, quite a closed person, crying in front of a room full of strangers. I then sat with Shuveny afterward for a reading, and to be honest I can’t recall all of what she had said because her sense of calm and love was so overwhelming – I left feeling that things were about to change in a big way. And they did.

Now, almost 7 months later, my world is in a completely different space. As is my mind. Shuveny challenges you to make direct changes, and sometimes it can be a bit of a shock to the system – but what I’ve learned, just in this past week, to tell the truth, is that she’s pushing because she knows the positive impact you making those changes
will have on your life.

One of the most welcoming and homely people I have had the pleasure of meeting – not to mention the things that she has predicted that have come to fruition for me within mere weeks of her saying them. I feel that I’ve made a life-long friend, and am unimaginably grateful for our paths crossing! Thank you Shuveny! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Shuveny has made an amazing difference in my life. She has counseled me through the loss of my father as well as a few other personal traumas. She’s also helped me with loving myself.

I would highly recommend her. She’s got a wonderful intuition as well as great knowledge on how best to help her clients. She’s also got the personal experience to really understand her client’s better.

I have attended, not only one, but two of the 8-week healing programs with Shuveny Louw.

During this time, I have healed, learned, and grown. All this would not have happened without the professional, kind, loving, energy-healing work that I did with Shuveny.

Some of our sessions were only talking/counseling where Shuveny listened, asked appropriate questions and sometimes challenged me to look deeper (which I appreciated). Most of our other sessions were talking/counseling then followed by an energy healing session where she works with my auric field, chakras, and energy shifting. I also had homework to do after some sessions. I always felt I was in a safe, secure environment with Shuveny – she is a very trustworthy person.

During our counseling sessions, I never felt judged for my beliefs and insecurities. I felt very comfortable in her presence and I always looked forward to our sessions together.

One of the things I love about Shuveny is that she, like everyone, is also on a healing journey herself, and she makes it clear that we are always learning, evolving, and growing every day to be a better version of ourselves.

Shuveny’s expertise in the field of healing is amazing. Her knowledge on chakras, crystals, and many other areas is phenomenal. I can always tell that she is listening to her own intuition, her own guides/spirits to help her bring more healing to me.

Shuveny has taught me about self-love, being kind to myself, setting boundaries, my inner child, my gift as a medium and letting go of old beliefs.

I have learned so much from Shuveny and look forward to learning much more.

I love it when she says “It takes Courage to Heal”. It truly does… I know and have felt it.

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