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  1. Egyptian 9 Door Tarot Reader: 1 ½ hours, three spreads are done.
    We look at shifting of consciousness while the reading is progress.
  2. Reflections and discussion: Watch the notice board for all discussion posted, all practitioners welcome to share their realities with all. (cost is dependent on the practitioner)
  3. Pagan entry-level course: Based on information handed down over the last three generations – the course looks at all traditions and assist with a basic knowledge based of self-reflection to connect with inner Divine Power (contract based, dependent on the duration, as it is set on your time) Value of course R2000 – a year limit for completion and certification.
  4. Spiritual guidance: Based on extensive life coaching qualifications – COMENSA accredited (Association of Mentors and Coaches) R750 (two-hour session) minimal session 5 – payable per session.
  5. Health and Wellness: Based on extensive life coaching qualifications – COMENSA accredited (Association of Mentors and Coaches) R800 (two-hour sessions) minimal 5 sessions – payable per session
  6. Transformation Coaching: Self-reflection guidance, Postural Integration (undergoing transformation) and principles of Psychology R800 (two-hour sessions). Read more…
  7. Trauma Counselling: Many individuals do not realize nor acknowledge small suffering in life. As we are living in a world where there is always something that must be done, we do not allow for any healing to take place, shifting the mind, that it may not be significant. Read more…
  8. Mind and Body Conditioning: Working with the principles of psychology – we incorporate the basic understanding of the energetic layers of our physical bodies, with all constrain (ailments). Read more…
  9. Healing Massages: – R600 – based on the energetic shifting of energy
  10. Drumming and Full moon gatherings: Working with In Unity We Drum (Donation based)
  11. Finding Inner Goddess Power: as per the descriptive attachment of What I see – Goddess Power

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