The Silence of My IS-NESS

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Birds only know their “is-ness,” Shuveny, trees only know their “is-ness,” and planets only know their “is-ness.”

That’s their only “business.”

Let it be yours.

Knock, knock?

The Universe

Good morning, from a long silence, a good morning, with a silent home and kitties on my lap, on the table, on the bed… birdies singing outside about the warmer weather, and the bees getting busy. Well, the slumber of winter almost over, everything is waking.

I decided to have a silent sabbatical from Thursday, placing attention towards my own personal health, and the needed attention with more important individuals, like the small human and the four-legged children.

From a wonderful visit this weekend passed, in Denysville, and open purses, a tad of nostalgia I guess as well, missing the “small-town” feeling a tad more than normal.

My “IS-NESS”. We all know what is currently happening in NOT ONLY SOUTH AFRICA, let us be clear, but all over the world. One side the animals are dying of hunger, the other side, beach-houses are swept away. One side are in constant fear, and the other side is living in peace.

One person pointing fingers, one person starting a fear-induced, social media comment, other people degrading women, one person standing up for us.

My “IS-NESS”, what are you saying, what am I saying? I think it is simple – very simple indeed. If each person can for ONE day mind their own ‘IS-NESS”, leaving others alone, not forwarding fear, helping rather than destroying, building rather than breaking down, Uplifting, rather than suppressing… I know you are raising eyebrows, and a comment from a moment ago made me think, only to find the message from the universe: “Where there are people, there will always be sh!t”. Sad hey, but so true.

My bubble is pulling even tighter around my vessel, my mind, held in line, with a determined focus. Not wavering, not selling out. My business, of planning the life, or living the life I want, the foundation of who and what I believe to be true and just, is my “is-ness”.

Most of us have a tiredness so deep, our souls are sitting on the pavement, while the vessel is in auto-pilot. I think it is mis-placed energy. Because we are too busy with someone else’s’ “is-ness”.

The silence did the world of good. Realigning to my own “is-ness”.

I do hope that you find the core of you, and use the opportunity and see the subtle messages of the universal energies, and I hope you are able to use it, minding your own “is-ness”.

With love and blessings

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