Be The Person You Needed

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Be the person you needed growing up – or the person you needed when you had to go through a hard time…

I have seen this often over the weekend. And maybe there is a huge message in there for this human too. Being the person, you needed growing up, or being the support towards another of which you may have needed somewhere in your life, is hard.

Our human minds tell us that each has their own lesson to learn – bring me back to a saying I love – if you can roll a stone out of the way of another, why not?

As children, those who are parents here, we tend to ensure that our children are safe. We help them up when they fall. We run with plasters, Dettol, and whatever we can find to ease the pain, clean the wounds, and kiss it better.

Yes, tell me different. It is what we do. This morning another “meme” crossed my way, one about how we walk away from “people” when we received hurt from one person. Is this true.

Yes, it is. We close ourselves off, because we received hurt. And we vow never to let this happen again. Sadly, within that, we forget that there may have been a person that truly needed help – but we were not there.

Darlings, I am not saying put yourself out there and be used. I am asking that we stand back and view the world from the perspective of being there for those in need.

If you preach from a place of healing and love, you should be healing and love. Honesty or stating that you live your truth, does not mean hurting. That is not love. That is being selfish.

Our words can cause so much damage; however, our words can mean the difference between giving up, or finding the courage to carry on… Remember this, remember what it felt like when no one was there for you. Do not allow the chance to pass you, reaching and helping someone else up. It is a fact that you will be used or feel used – maybe find the lesson. Instead of looking outward, maybe look within – look at the internal self, did you self-sacrifice, and now you are feeling used, there is always a reason for things to happen.

The biggest gift you can give yourself, is to have a hand that can reach out, an open heart that does have love, and the willingness to try just one more time to help.

Count them, those people… I feel within 20 you reach out to help, you are lucky that 3 truly appreciate the effort…

Don’t give up, do not change who you are. Do not close yourself up. Try again, and again… be the love and acceptance you needed within your own life, you could be the one standing between life and death.

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