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Animal communication guidance course

Ever wondered what your beloved pet is trying to tell you? Be guided on understanding the body language and the subtle messages our animal kingdom is trying to communicate. We will work with 8 meditations on connection to different animals, and to hear, without the ears what those messages are.

Course duration 8 weeks @ R2 000

Understanding EQ, incorporated with the energetic healing Sukshma Sharira

Learning about the Auric and energetic layers of the psyche – combining the movements of activation of the chakra points, this is an in-depth course of ten weeks, at the end of the course you will have the manual designed for you – as all individuals have their own authenticity, accredited.

Course Duration – ten weeks at R5000 (deposit required of R1500)

Physical manipulation of Stagnant energy – Based on Yoga and Chakra healing

Hands-on course, learning and mastering the ability towards physical health, mental and psychological, combining and understanding the influences of the deep tissue energy trauma in current life. Accredited

Course duration 10 weeks at R 5000 (deposit required of R1500)

Guided personal journey of emotional constrains

Mastering the ability to speak with conviction, understanding inner and higher self. At the end of this course, you will know yourself at a level where no outer influence can be seen as a threat. All internal constrains are neutralized and you are handed a “tool box” for personal growth without the need of a Guru.

Course duration 12 Weeks – R8 000 (deposit required of R2000)

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