How Do I Help Thee

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In the adventure of life, at first, no one gets it. So help is sent.

Then, over time, some start getting it, but no one lives it. So more help is sent.

Soon, some start living it and even more start getting it, and an upward spiral ensues.

Eventually, of course, everyone is getting it and living it…

But Earth’s not there yet.

So the question to ask yourself, Shuveny, is, “Who shall I help next?”

You so get it,

The Universe

I am feeling everything in extremity this morning, again. Overwhelming is an understatement. My emotions are all over, from sad, to angry to happy, and joyful, down in the dumps to high as a bird in the sky.

Rereading the above statement… and reading it again. Between the spaces I stand aback and wonder, deeply, about the declaration of charity begins at home. I have always used this, in the following sense – if I am not okay, I cannot be of service to anyone or anything out there, right? But maybe the authenticity of my being, and the raw and truth within myself, gives another a flicker of hope.

Knowing that all of us goes through the worst, and if we can pass the eye of the storm, where there is dead calm by the way, we settle into what is called the will to fight and survive once again.

As it says: “But earth’s not there yet.” I almost have this superhero thing in my head – from the Incredibles – seriously, how many times must one save the world… how many times should one try to “save” another person from self-destruction. How many times should one place oneself out there and maybe, just maybe have a positive outcome.

I guess the answer is all the time, if that is the soul contract and the chosen path on the planet, to hand and help, the answer is all the time. But do it with being real.

Do not sell the image of a perfect life and being in perfect control. Do not allow the other to believe that the problems of the world will fall away with one magic little prayer, or a do this and that… If you have been through all the storms you can possibly think of, maybe you are here to help those be aware that life does continue, and the magic lies in the ability to stand up once again, dust oneself off and walk on.

With even more battle scars. With even more experience, with more knowledge, with being more humbled, with a solid foundation of being able to cry, support and listen… to be the person that YOU needed, that is the magic…

So, who do you help? You help yourself. You work on finding your truth. You deal with your own demons, and you stand strong, even if you feel weak, in the illusion of life, the way you think it to be… You simply stand back and BE.

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