The New Journey

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Let’s say you live by a great, abundant, life-giving ocean, though at a very primitive time in history, and so you are very, very hungry. And let’s further say, that you’re given a choice: a wading pond full of fish or fishing lessons; enough fish to last you for several weeks, or the skills to tap an unlimited supply. Which would you choose?


But, what if learning to fish meant multiple solo attempts to test out your new skills, during which you’d likely feel anxious, uncertain, and a little confused? And that while your instructor would never be far, doting over you like a mother does a young child, you’d forget this, and sometimes feel all alone. Would you still choose the lessons?

Oh, re-a-l-l-y?

Can you see me, now?

The Universe

To say that I am scared towards the next leg of my journey – I am. I have been staring at this screen for about an hour now. Reading, looking, and re-reading. Trying to find another “maybe” hidden meaning. Looking, wondering, what am I missing. But the message I think came at the RIGHT time, in the RIGHT format and well, yeah. One would expect a certain amount of fear.

Not the type of fear you are thinking of, no – fear in the sense of it is challenging me. I am not going to go into lengthy discussions on the above – may it be for you what it needs to be.

For me – I am ready, and it is ok trying all over and being scared, but in the end I am learning MORE, becoming more… And that, I am proud of.

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