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I read by accident (no such thing, yes, I know), last week two lines of something – “One would not take a car to a mechanic that has never worked on a car before”.

It made me think.

HA, says me – one, because of where the line came from, and two – well, everyone starts somewhere. If we state, this in life, how would any professional gain experience. What is that word we use “back-yard-mechanics”, how often do we do this to ourselves.

“We”, place on a piece of paper that we have gained, studied, and or experienced such and such, in my world the proof is always in the pudding. There are some of us, what a dear friend and I call “naturals”. The beautiful truth is, that all have the same gifts, and within that we all seem to think that life is a competition. WE HAVE THE SAME GIFTS!!!! Ok, get up from your chair and read further please.

Yes, we all are born the same – our lessons are different, in the end the drive is to “wake-up”, be unplugged, to think, to challenge and to evolve. Not all are at the same level of development, and that is ok too. We have some “winners” in a race, and some middle ones, and some that come in last and still have the joy of simply finishing the race.

Why then are we so fixated on the ones that did not “make” it to finish line within the first 100?
Let us step back to that “back-yard-mechanic”, mmmhhh, thus would be “good-enough” if said, we did not have the currency called money. Should the “work” be satisfactory (to our little standards, right?) we praise, and we keep numbers and refer people to them. But still, it is a back-yard-mechanic.

Some people are so driven to have the little piece of paper on the wall that says I am a “so-and-so”, that in my humble opinion, is kind of worthless if you have not lived what you are studying, if you have not experienced, and if you have not placed an effort in dealing with all the issues life has given you. Oh, you can pretend. Yes, you can… you can pretend to be “madam-goody-two-shoes”, it is not hard.

The hard part is maintaining that persona – and as my mom used to say, eventually the cracks start showing. No matter how hard you try and play the role you show the rest of the world…

“B!tchy” much this morning – NO, as always simply being me, and that is being honest…

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