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Anonymous will be chirping in on some things written here, however I am in hope that the individual I have in mind does see this today…

“Sometimes when you have outgrown the situations in your life, and you are not aware, or do not have the courage to move on ~ life will move on you.

Healing Evolution: I love anonymous, she has some wisdom within her at times, and she says; you thought that evolution meant that your perfect little bubble you have created is exactly where you are meant to be. Really, asks she posing with her hands on her hips. You seriously thought, this is it! WHAM, she cracks the whip, more of a wha-dish right? NO, she states that EVOLUTION, cannot be stopped, it can never end – and if you resist… you will find yourself in loads of well, you fill the dots.

You may have been told that your company is going in another direction. You knew it was coming, and you didn’t prepare yourself. Now you are angry, and feel you were wronged.

Anonymous says: “Anger, yeah ok, anger is good… anger is not the bad and nasty people make it to be, but she does ask you – who exactly are you angry with?”

You have to move on. Your relationship of many years may have ended and you were devastated, confused and shocked. You are in pain, feel disillusioned and full of despair.

Anonymous says: PAIN, ah, that feeling that everything is a pot of… and it is ok, it is going to be ok. The only thing that you should if you can, take away from this, is that you resisted. That is all…

However, it is time to move on. Your mind is reeling and your heart feels as if it has been ripped out and handed to you on a platter. As hard as it will be, you have to shake it off and move on.

Anonymous says: YES, now that you have hit the floor, and are lying there in the heap of despair, now we can move forward – what? You said what? Well, darling, maybe life is simply teaching you to have the foundation stronger next time – and is it not simply just awesome that you can rebuild everything…

Moving on does not mean that you give up. Moving on means that no job, relationship, house, or any other thing is worth your sanity.

Anonymous says: See, I told… all those things held you back, you held on, you tried to control every single aspect of your life – sometimes chaos is good, and honey – I think someone will quote this on my crossing “You are NOT special, Life does not just happen to YOU”

Do not focus on the things that you have lost. You can always get these back and much more.

Focus your mind. Get still. Go within. Tap into the Greatness within you and move on. — Les Brown

Anonymous says: She too struggles with this, she tries hard to calm her worried mind – however, placing one foot in front the other and NEVER giving up, she tires to find where she could do things better – in that stillness of the mind…

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