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You can choose to go, do, be, and have, and in the end you’ll exclaim, shocked and bewildered, that because of all the synchronicities of your life, all the “clicks” and “coincidences,” and the many happy “accidents,” your bounty and good fortune must have been your destiny.

Or, you might choose to wait for a miracle, a saviour, or divine intervention, and in the end you’ll exclaim, shocked and bewildered, that because of all the synchronicities of your life, all the missed chances and disappointments, and the many unhappy accidents, your lack and misfortune must have been your destiny.

Shuveny, do you see what the difference is?

It ain’t me,

The Universe

I do know, that many of us receive the same messages via “the universe”. Some I enjoy reading and some make me think – like the above.

Daily I encounter people that firmly believe they are cursed – and to which I say, well, do something about it. Don’t go voo-doo doll whom you think it may be but protect yourself. Or pro-actively cleanse your space.

I spoke with a friend yesterday (Yeah, I do have those), and the woundology thing came up again. The poor me, or all the reasons why the world owes me the universe on a silver platter. No, it does not. We create our own destinies. I mentioned not so long ago, that what if, god/source/Goddess, (makes no difference to me what you believe in), created you, and with that gave you the free will to direct what you can or believe you cannot do. The devil did not MAKE you do anything, nor where you possessed or influenced – as another reminder, influence is a positive feature, both parties benefit from influence.

Sit back, decide, take charge – and please not like a bull in a china shop – plan, direct, and keep going. No matter what.

I have chosen my destiny, and how great it is indeed. I am a strong, confident, charismatic mature woman that can act the age of her shoe size at times. I have lived, I have experienced, I have achieved, and I have failed. I have done things I am not proud of, well – who has not? I have chosen a destiny, a life of hard lessons, and I live it.

Never once in my life, did I decide that my fate will be that of a victim.

Rise above what you feel your life is about. Change the direction. Do it with passion – because the alternative, is simply giving up and allowing your inability to “fight” for what you need to consume you and take you to an early grave…

May you live today, and the rest of the week with full capacity, and take on the challenges as tiny grains of sand – remember one wash of water and thus said little irritations are gone!

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