Me, Myself and I

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The more one loves for no reason at all, Shuveny, the easier their life, the greater their friends, and the happier their times.

That thing of charity begins at home… oh yeah, we are on that poor horse again this morning.

LOVE: the universal language of the universe. Everything and everyone are love, born with love, needs love – but I have often wondered about the price tag of some people and their so-called-love. But we shall not be discussing that today, today we will look at the love of self.

There are many people out there that believe, as long as they “love” everything and everyone “outside” of themselves, they are ok. I am here today to challenge you – charity begins at home. Your vessel, your life, your thoughts, your feelings, your needs, your self-love… but dear Shuveny, how selfish are you?

Oh well, if you brand me that, I wear it proudly. Because I matter too. I matter most. Before children, before a husband, before four-legged-children, before anything and anyone.

I see you cringe, thinking I walk around in the latest fashion, and have the best of the best. No, I have what I need. However, I do take care of me. I do not eat in anger, I do not shop for food in anger (becomes increasingly difficult), and please, I am very aware of the fact that I am bound in a half human existence – and I do fail, but I learn to better each time.

I LOVE ME. I do, I love my body, showing sings of getting a tad on the “older” side. I love my thoughts, crazy as they may seem to others, I love my brain that can look at something from so many different angles. I love the fact that each time I get sick, even with just a cold or flu, I learn that I was either careless, and to be better. I LEARNED to extend the RIGHT, unconditional love to others by learning TO LOVE MYSELF unconditionally.

Oh yeah, I snap, crackle and pop getting out of bed, some parts hurt more than others, and I would too be wanting, to look 20 again, where nothing was erm, affected by said gravity 😊

But I love my grey hair, and I love my laugh lines, and I love my scars, and I love my vessel that has been through so much and still going… My point is, very simple this morning. Or rather my question – my challenge – how do; you love, if you cannot love who and what you are.

When you find the answer on WHY you cannot love yourself, you will realize, your love had a price-tag towards the external world.

I told someone yesterday – the comments of “oh I hate you, because you can eat whatever you want and not gain weight”, yes, I can – because I do not take in what I tell myself is not good for me. Why would I eat it?

The little memes of “change your perception and the world change around you”, is true. Start your charity at home in your vessel, is true. Love yourself more and more, and you shall receive love without condition, you will know, in time, even with people – who are “good for you”, and whom are not. It is a t simple as that.

Treasure who you are. And go off in love, acceptance and gratitude

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