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For a long time yet, Shuveny, there will be things not to like in time and space… animal testing, war, discrimination, hatred, to name a few. But you realize, don’t you, that only while you’re there, can you do anything about them?

Oh yeah. We can only watch.

You’re getting warmer,

The Universe

Good morning said Universe and all the beloved beings that dwell on Her face. Sho, well this morning, it is another one of those that I can sink my teeth into.

I took grave offense at a stage of being used as an example – “She believes, that it is her job to rescue abused animals, hence there will always be abused animals in need”, thus preached “Sarah Spregtor”.

In time, after much debate in my mind, I came to a point that not all people can think like me, not all could ever see the interconnectedness between, human, animal, plant, stone, rock, crystal – you get it. Not all can see, that a small act of kindness has a ripple effect, and not all can understand – well ME.

For months, and oh yeah, I can obsess over the smallest of things, and analyse it to death… but I have reached the point of, I cannot teach you about love unless you are willing to hear me and listen. I cannot teach you about what I feel, and how I view the world if you continuously challenge the information handed, and in the dis-regard it anyway.

I used to be the same as what I see in many “groups” of people. I did the same, snotty remark here and there, crucifying another for the choices made… Ok, ok, let me be very honest here – I have one allergy in this world – stupid people. I am severely allergic to people with no common sense, and the inability to learn and move forward. Horrible little person I am right. It is for you decide, and by whatever standard you measure me against, you will be right.

If you go on hearsay, and based on ONE experience, thus deciding you do not like me and I am a horrible individual, you would be right. If you inter-act with me, and get to see the depth of my soul, and my inner extraordinary beauty, and thus defend me, you would be right as well.

As above universal message (which many receive), I can do something about what is going in and, on this planet, while I am still here. I have an intense dislike in discussing politics, such a waste of time and energy – and anyway (my mind) feeding or handing power while discussing a said subject. Does not mean I have no opinion, but I choose with utter careful consideration on whom to interact with. Yes, there is but ONE friend I will chat to about “politics” (which I know nothing about), then there are the ones I have chosen to surround myself with – the people who are not afraid to show their souls. Those whom are open and honest in seeing the heartships and the battles they have had to deal with. Those that talk about themselves more than anyone else… those that are on new paths, those that ask, WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP?

Instead of the mainstream, forever dying inside, oh life is so hard, I which I was dead… oh what can I do to change my situation…

I am, therefore I will be, and in the end, I shall be remembered in either good memory, or bad. The choice is always yours.

What could you possibly do today, to make a change, so small – that has huge ripples in the universe?

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