Breaking a Sweat

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You know, Shuveny, here in the unseen, where everything is always spotlessly clean, all gadgets work, dust never settles, and everyone’s fit as a fiddle, we often miss the deep sense of satisfaction that you feel for a job well done, breaking a sweat, busting a move or otherwise living such blessed physical lives in such a magically spiritual world.

Truly, magic on its own, without even a smidge of suspense… bores.

You should see how fit I am,

The Universe

Dear Universe,

I am eternally grateful for your very profound message today. But may I be as blunt and forward in my response. As my mind sits, and pictures the gods playing – let’s say golf, or chess, with us little mere mortals down here – I would like to remind you – I am a spiritual being, having a human experience. With that said, it takes great effort not to go bat sh!t crazy on having no electricity, with a blessed little human that needs food, a warm bath (or just a bath).

It becomes an internal struggle to maintain some form decorum and not go screaming crazy in front of said little human, that in time will mimic my emotional overload, and think it is okay to respond like such.

So not only, do you remind me, that a job well done, is more satisfying than just simply having it easy – you are also reminding me that I now have to think for hundreds more on the road, worry about the safety of said animal in transport – because what if – and that what if is very real – you have forgotten about the ones on this earth no brain cells, and those that have MAJOR anger issues. Or those that simply do not have one ounce of humanity.

Yes, I break a sweat, in worry – will I reach said place in time, will I reach said home in time – will I… Will I be able to speak freely tomorrow, and will I be able to work… be thus kind universe in sending me the email, in responses to my questions. As not only am I responsible for myself, I am responsible for 44 other mouths, excluding my humans… Could you for just a tad, find it in your greatness, to hand a damn breather…

Instead of speaking to all today, I think I have mastered what many are feeling currently. We bend our backs, we do what needs to be done… we worry, constantly, and in the end – we kill ourselves faster. It eats away at the soul, destroys the internal calm – what calm?

I take my own advice, regularly, if not ALL the time – breathe… slowly… live in hope always. See the beauty instead of the ugly. Be positive and not dwell in the negative – but dear universe – reality is my perception, and my perception is my truth…  and my truth is shared by thousands of others… I rest then, in stating – we cannot all be wrong.

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