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All that you need to have all that you want, Shuveny, will be provided, as if by magic, once you know what you want and do something about it every day.

No matter what,

The Universe

Moons ago, I spoke about a little piece of paper (which btw, I still have), that stated – responsibility means, figuring out what you want and then acting on.

Read that again – and again – and again… We all want stuff, a better job, a better house, more TIME (you know who this is for), oh and that other thing, more money… blah, whatever – we always want more. Of something. Yes. We. Do.

And the words once again comes into my mind… wish in the one hand, and shxt in the other… tell me, which weighs more… Ah, you see, we want the stuff, but we do not have a starting point, nor do we have an end point, and once things get a little difficult, we TA-DA, give up. Oh, I am no different. My life is filled with “things”,” projects” that have been started and when the first hurdle comes, I just go – I don’t have time for this.

What I want, is not always, what I need. What I think I want, is not always true either. What I need, most times, I have no clue about. Obviously, I need food (sometimes), I need a place to sleep, preferably in a home that provides shelter from the elements. I need love, because we humans were not designed to walk alone – and here I am not talking about a love of a “lover”, husband, wife, partner. It can be anything – any form of love… from anywhere. As long as there is LOVE.

I get an Oliver Twist moment when I consistently hear – I want. Yeah, you are within your right to want – but do you need it. And if you need it, what are doing to have it. See, there is the catch. *giggles*

If you had to sit back today, and look at the things you thought you wanted let’s say a year ago, to now – how has it changed? Have you achieved the things you wanted, and or needed? And if not, have you made provisions for the changes, and have you tried again?

Evolution is inevitable. Those things… are simply that – “things” Do you have a home? Do you have food? No matter if it is a slice of bread – you have food. Do you have love, is there an animal that thinks you are the greatest person in the world – can you find love, and laughter in the rays of the sun, or the whisper of the voice of the Source in the trees. Can you look at yourself, and find the love for the vessel that have carried you thus far, no matter what “condition” it is in right now…

Everything we want is possible, everything we need, is there, but if you focus on all the things, you think you don’t have, and compare yourself to everyone else – well… you will find yourself with even less than what you deserve…

May your weekend be one of pondering on all the wants, and all the needs, and may you find the love and the joy, no matter what, in a tiny flower, in the buzz of a mosquito (FYI, it means you can still hear), just find the joy, and allow the universe to hand you the key towards even more…

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