Who Are You

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Inspiration comes from the strangest places at times… And I love it.

Diversity – variety, assortment etc…

The world we live in right. Good, bad, light, dark, sun, rain, beauty, ugly… list goes on and on…But that is external. What about the internal. And you are staring and wondering what I am talking about today. Easy, I am talking about the internal structure of what makes you, YOU.

We have many tongue in cheek moments, about the star-signs. About what they look like drunk, or in horror-movies, or the “trades”. No, this is not a lesson in astrology, it is a reminder, that NO two signs are the same. It is impossible, unless said person shares your birth-chart to the second (twins).

I am using myself today, as I can only speak for me – I am a Libra sun sign. The core trade of a Libra is as known to the world “indecisiveness”, “procrastination”. Those are very real and much truth in it. Then I have a moon sign – Aquarius. “No-rules”, “no-ties”, “free-spirit”. Feeling me yet?

I live in a body, birthed under Libra, Ruled by Venus, mooned (giggles) by Aquarius and ruled by Uranus (by day) and Saturn (by night). Howzer, so much to take into consideration when dealing or talking with anyone born under my sign.

What does this have to do anything today. When you find yourself incapable of “understanding” the actions/reactions of someone, and you find the knowledge of the birth-sign, then go into the moon sign, and the concept of what the ruling planets do, you unfold the book of knowledge, becoming more aware of the triggers, to say, a temper tantrum, or the impact your choices may have on said person…

It is a vast and wonderful world to plunge into, and no, I get not everyone has the need, or the desire to “know” all this “new-age-stuff”. Nothing new age about it darlings. Personally I have researched my own sign, and my own birth-chart, to understand the way I react to life. Why something as trivial of a piece paper today, can have me blow up, and not even reach a reaction in days to follow.

Did you see my comment above – external. Once you venture internal, and get to know yourself, educating your own being on what you find acceptable, and what not, you become more aware of the world around you. It does really start with you. With information so readily available these days, and yes not everything is fact, hence I always say, please read more than one publication and cross-reference it to even more…

We all fall in the trap of “I don’t understand this sign, or that sign”, or “I don’t like this sign or that sign” – again, everything in this life has an opposite, and the star signs are no different.

From all the blabbering, and not saying much today (I hope that is not true), my challenge as always is, and will forever remain, get to know yourself first. Not a version of yourself you believe what should be, but who you truly are in the dark corners of your mind, not the version you show to others around you, but the core of your being. With such freedom and knowledge, comes great responsibility and illumination.

Happy excavating your true and “original” form of you!

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