I Am A Feminist

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You call me a feminist… and I wear it proudly. Your mind cannot understand as you spewed it as an insult. So, allow me to explain… my idea of feminist.

Feminist theory is the extension of feminism into theoretical, fictional, or philosophical discourse. It aims to understand the nature of gender inequality. It examines women’s and men’s social roles, experiences, interests, chores, and feminist politics in a variety of fields, such as anthropology and sociologycommunicationmedia studiespsychoanalysis,[1] home economicsliteratureeducation, and philosophy.[2]

Feminist theory focuses on analysing gender inequality. Themes explored in feminism include discriminationobjectification (especially sexual objectification), oppressionpatriarchy,[3][4] stereotypingart history[5] and contemporary art,[6][7] and aesthetics

Right, above is the idea of Wikipedia, let us explore this in my world.

I don’t burn my bra, I like my over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder, nor do I hate men. I do not objectify them, I accept them in the world, as there many things they do, I cannot as I do not have the brute power to do so. I am softer, more flexible, made to carry life within me. And should be shown respect, as all of us comes from a MOTHER. We are all birthed through a female.

Personally, I appreciate gay men more than “straight” men, to use the terms of society. Gay men, are more in touch with the feminine, the “softer”, the more flexible… in mind, body and soul. Well, it is my humble opinion. However, “straight” men can portray the same qualities, if we teach boy-children from young it is acceptable to cry and not bottle everything up.

I am a feminist. My daughter is raised in the knowledge that no one, more so men, has the right to touch her. Not even daddy, not even mommy… unless she is sick and need help. There is no such thing as no-no parts, or parts that must be hidden, or be ashamed of. She is a girl-child, and no, I trust no man around her. Ever. Period. Not negotiable. The end.

My daughter will know, that no soul on this planet is allowed to make suggestions, verbal commentary, or any form of action in a sexual manner, anything that makes her uncomfortable – and I am her safe place – with me, she talks, I am here to listen and I am here to fight with her, or for her.

Why are we not teaching our daughters that it is unacceptable to be in a working environment where derogatory comments are flung around? Why are we not aware of the damage this can cause? And why do companies allow such behaviour? I am a feminist.

While raising a girl-child in a world where the monsters come in the most beautiful packaging, small simple gestures, and or “innocent” comments are all around, it becomes difficult. However, keeping an open mind, and teaching her about her value as a human being, firstly, then her value as a woman secondly, will grant her strength to fight this off should it ever come her way.

This is not a one-sided phenomenon; some women unfortunately have become “sexual” predators too. It is something lying heavy on my heart and mind. The teachings from a parent, how to treat a woman, from a father or a mother. How to treat men, from a mother or a father. The idea that a egalitarianist is all about their needs above the rest is wrong. We fight for the right to be treated with respect. Dealt with, in respect, and not be objectified. But that teaching starts at home.

So instead of teaching your girl-child to “look” her best, with a pretty plater face, or the latest fashion, how about teaching her to love herself, and knowing HER WORTH. How about letting her know, by actions that is not about what the world see, but how she feels about herself. Connecting so deeply with said girl-child that is raises your own self-love and awareness. Your own level of acceptance in a world that consistently objectifies you. Body-shames you, forces you to play into the roles of society says you must. How about burning that damn box down, and help to shape stronger women out there, that will stand for the equality we are fighting for.

Me, I am raising a warrior, I am woman, hear me roar. Screw the damn “make-up”, put on your war-paint honey, and run them down head first…

Ranting this morning, but as said… above is mildly put within my own war of complete and utter shock, that women are told to accept what the world gives… NO, no and sadly… NO.

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