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My brain feels as muddy as the road outside… Not in a negative “oh all is lost” sense, in a sense of… trotting carefully not to slip and fall.

Stop horses, halt I say.

Signs have been handed in whichever way possible the last couple of weeks, about change, reinventing yourself, starting new, letting go (that again), doing things differently. And yes, I have been feeling it, strongly.

Starting NEW, sounds exiting right, oh yeah it does. But have you ever considered what strength it does take to START new? To walk away from old habits, to change inner and well – the outer does follow.

Maybe it is to take up a cause that you have left slumbering for a while. Maybe starting new is at times, going back and revisiting those “old” ideas you had, that might have been “started” or birthed, or it could really mean – something completely different.

Life altering, soul shocking completely different to where you had seen yourself. It is what people call “The mid-life crises”, I suppose. *giggles*

There are no crises here, I am merely responding to my heart. That is all. And speaking my TRUTH, living MY dream, and following the intrigue path of life – mine.

Society dictates what we should eat, wear, look like.. How we should speak, act, what we should become, how we should respond. What is acceptable and what is not.

The rules are simple – look, speak, respond and act in this fashion and you will have the “dream” we sell to you.

Did you see that? The dream WE sell to you. Not what is good for you, or what is needed for you to move forward (spiritually, emotionally, psychologically), no – to belong is apparently a disguise for conditioning…

I love asking people, what do you think, what do you want to do… what are your needs… and many times over we have all the “reasons” as to why we cannot do something. I never said quit your job, and become a seashore bum…

But what happens to our fragile inner being, when dreams die, projects are lost, we are lost as the “dream” that society is selling doesn’t fit our skin… Ever wondered. I watch people saying or copying memes that state, I would like to be 14 again, I have found new ways to mess up my life… You think your life is messed up? You think you are unworthy of the universal blessings out there. You think that you don’t have the right to be whom you have so chosen to be on this earth?

Some of us, “find” ourselves late in life. Strange hey, but I do know that plenty reading understands this all too well, as they are living it, or have lived it.

I told a youngster the other day, it is ok to fall, to bleed, to be tired… rest for a bit, then get up use what you have learned and change the world you want to live in, the way you want it. We should teach this to our children. Don’t wait until you are 40 something, then have the as known “mid-life crisis”. Don’t blame others for your choices. Keep going, never give up. Don’t hold others emotionally hostage.

Place one foot in front of the other… You are unique, your dreams are unique, your motives are yours, your life is yours, your mistakes, your failures, your successes, all have shaped you.

And should you find that you can no longer do what you have been doing for years… Change…

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