If I Allow

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A warm and blessed good Morning to everyone!

I hope that all had a blessed week last week, mine was induced with pain meds, so very little recollection 😊

We have spoken much about self-love, self-acceptance and basically the self-esteem. This weekend, and parts of last week (what I can remember), I was faced once again (as I do see individuals as mirrors), checking my OWN level of this.

From a questionnaire by a Doctor in order to establish the, “what shall we call it…” understanding of self, it was once again proven/shown, that do indeed know, love and accept myself as where I am in life, and what I have been through in my short years, taken and learned from, to become – simply more

I would love to share some questions with you… if you have missed the “talks”, I do have them saved and can hand it!

Since positive self-esteem is the feeling, experience, and conviction of being appropriate to life and to the challenges of life, and since our mind is our BASIC tool of survival, the central pillar of healthy self-esteem is a policy of living consciously (which entails rationality, honesty and integrity). Living consciously is living responsibly toward reality, living with RESPECT for FACTS, knowledge, and my ultimate – TRUTH.

You can fill in the dots toady, and we will continue with this tomorrow:

  • If I allow myself to understand the meaning of living consciously – ….
  • If I am not yet FULLY ready to live consciously – ….
  • If I were willing to know what I am doing when I act – …
  • If I were willing to see what I see and know what I know – …

Happy working with yourself today, may it bring great joy.

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