Messy Life

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The reaction to the world around us can either be a passive one, or one of pure emotional distress. I know, I know this all so very well. Like an intimate relationship with a lover…

With that said, I read something very profound, in my emotionally distressed day, which by the way left me with even less energy – people tend to think that once you are a “healer” of some sorts, your life should be the picture of perfection. People, the general populace expect to find you calm and all zen – all the time. Where nothing can or should influence you.

In the same “scripture” it stated that people with huge levels of consideration and empathy endured the most horrific lives. And may do so until the day they die.

Half asleep, and trying to focus on what was said, it did switch on a teeny, tiny flame of thinking…

As with any form of coaching, it stated, from highly renowned professionals, that the coach may not have the life of perfection. It will not look perfect on the outside, it will not feel perfect on the inside.

I find comfort this morning in the knowledge that my life may look like an absolute mess at times, my verbal diarrhoea may shock some. My honesty and observation based on what I have personally experienced always a tad different than the rest.

The long and winding path I have chosen even before I came “here” to learn the lessons I needed to evolve with my essence – a learning curve.

Just like the child learning to crawl, walk, run, riding a bike – I too fall, bleed and rant to the heavens… the difference is, I get up. Dust myself off and try again. Messy, and dirty, dusty or bleeding… and that is what my life may look like to others.

Messy and dusty, a tad bleeding… However absolutely proud of the imperfections that makes me perfect.

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