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I often wonder how many people are like me. Those who frantically crave the solitude and silence of their humble abodes. I cannot be alone. We have spoken about the world being so loud, and I will not go there again. But I do wonder. When we say we are tired, and need rest, how often do we actually REST.

Rest in a sense of, either doing something that makes your smile, or seriously, like me – lying on the bed with my old boys, and listening to their breathing, appreciating their “need” for my closeness as well. Let’s face it, cats can be aloof, thus so misunderstood at the best of times.

In my normal roundabout way, dive with me – into yourself. Answer the questions of how often you listen to needs of your vessel, your soul, your physical, your mental, your psychological all the facets that makes you… well YOU.

Why are you so tired dear heart, dear soul, dear friend…? Why are you not listening to what you need? Silence.    Of the heart, the mind, the body.

Why are you not breathing? Not with your subconscious, as duh – you will die without air. Breathing with intent. Breathing to slow down. Breathing to feel, to listen, to understand. To find the answers you so desperately seek.

The answers you seek, lies within the breath, within your deep crevasses of your soul. Not outside, but inside.

Let go, it shouts, frantic to be heard. Let go it asks, for I can help you heal those parts that are so beautifully broken in order to grow anew.

Let go, and do nothing, nothing but breathing with intent for 15 minutes a day. Join me, the soul asks… join me, I am here, I am screaming inside – hear me.

For today – stop and listen

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