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The poor lame horse of “responsibility”, and how tired this horse is by now. There are three specifics, that are overlooked in the word, responsibility. See it works like this; responsibility is owning something (right or wrong), accountability is accepting the blame for whichever choice (and who in this world wants to be blamed for something), then there is authority, as an adult you have authority over the choices you make, thus you are accountable, thus you need to take responsibility… See how tired that horse is? Addition, how many of us have a misconception on the word “responsibility”.

Every second person these days are telling you to take responsibility, it is YOUR life, blah blah…

We are speaking a little “book” this morning. Did you know that men and women with a high self-esteem (yes, that word again) have an ACTIVE orientation to life, rather than a PASSIVE one? They do not wait for someone to fulfil their dreams or desires. If faced with a problem, they would ask, “what can I do about this? What avenues of action are possible to me?” They do NOT cry – “Someone’s got to do something about this situation!”

They hardly ever indulge in the orgies of blame. They OWN it.

In my dealings with clients I have often seen that the most radical transformation occurs after the knowledge that NO ONE is coming to the rescue. It is in truth, when you finally face FULL responsibility for your life, you begin to grow, you begin to change – and guess what… your self-esteem begins to RISE.

I like to call word it “self-responsibility” – hiehiehie 😊

*I am responsible for my choices and actions

*I am responsible for the way I prioritize my TIME – (oh I so struggle at times with this one as the day just goes without me noticing)

*I am responsible for the level of CONSCIOUSNESS I bring to my work (whatever it may be)

*I am responsible for the CARE of LACK OF CARE which I treat my body

*I am responsible for being in the relationship I choose to enter or to remain in

*I am responsible for the way I treat other people-my spouse, my children, my parents, my friends, my associates, my boss, my subordinates, the salesclerk in the department store…

*I am responsible for the meaning I give or fail to give to my existence

*I am responsible for my HAPPINESS

*I am responsible for my life-materially, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually

And nowhere did that say, I am responsible for you, your emotions, your life, your spiritual path, I cannot be, as I cannot be accountable for your choices, as I have NO AUTHORITY over YOUR life.

Obviously, as you all know, this was sparked from somewhere – again, I return to the “me”, I AM –

Simple, as long as I harm no one, I do what is best for me, without the need for a justification, explanation or reason. Hard choices, easy choices, I am the captain of my ship, called life.

Beautiful blessed Wednesday – I think I see Friday on the horizon, hang in there

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