Broken People

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Broken People…

What does this mean… broken people? Does it mean that some part of your vessel has fallen off, does it mean that you show cracks and are coming apart at the seams? Many people use this word, I use it in jest – allow me to explain myself.

No one is broken. No one needs to be fixed. No one needs another to “show them the light”. All you need is another person that sees your beauty, when you are surrounded by darkness, and hold the flickering flame for you, while you claw, crawl, or fight your way to your authentic beautiful self again.

When I say, “I am broken”, it indicates that my heart has fallen and shattered once again into a tiny million pieces for whatever reason (mostly for animals). For that moment – I feel broken. But I am not broken. See the difference? It is the same as telling a child, “you are naughty”, instead of “you are being naughty, or have done something that is naughty”.

How we voice something is so important. We tend to forget that not all can relate to the images we hold in our minds, or see the result of our speech, they get lost in translation. Our initial response may be that they are stupid (did you see that), that they do not have the capacity to see or understand our view, or what we deem as right.

All about us in the end. We get irritated trying to explain the SAME thing in the SAME manner, instead of taking that much needed breath, and changing OUR approach in order to achieve clarity. We have our own little ways of doing, saying and expressing ourselves, and that is great. However, mastery is about changing your way to accommodate the listener, the viewer, the person we need to have part of the world we are trying to explicate…

If we are set in the way we see things, and resist to change, well – build that little hut in the middle of nowhere and be all alone, as your day, week, month will be riddled with what you deem, broken people, stupid people… I am not telling to allow any form of abuse, nude pictures, people overstepping your healthy boundaries, I am asking you to see the other for their beauty. Their flaws, their imperfections. Believe me, somewhere along the road in life, you were too viewed, branded as a broken person – the change is with you, starts with you, and ends with you.

Have your mind open, expand your view, listen, learn, observe, acknowledge – strive for understanding.  If you cannot, show appreciation for the differences of the other, and leave with the same level of respect you have entered.

No one is broken, YOU are not broken – I challenge you – how often do you say, “I don’t know what is wrong with me?” Ah, how sad that inner being is when the conscious cannot allow safe space to simply be…

Be mindful of how you speak to and about yourself, as YOU are always listening…

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