One Breath

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Being blessed or cursed with a mind constantly busy, you choose which one, comes across our paths at least once in life. Well, if it has not happened to you – you are lucky. I had to laugh at a meme, with a 12 o’ clock taught of how dragons blow out a candle… See, the mind is the most powerful tool you have.

One of two things can happen here (and no not about the dragon, I will tell you the idea of the 6-year-old in the house just now), either it controls you, or challenges you into deeper thinking. Your human experience is to silence those voices that always tells you things are wrong, or things should be better, different, simply more of the good stuff. When this happens, we forget the “good stuff” already happening.

We become fixated on all the “things” that are wrong. And when this happens – the hole you are digging becomes deeper and deeper. It is not your fault, no one is to blame. It is your conscious mind controlling every aspect of what you believe life should be like. I challenged someone (oh I love doing that), your expectations for yourself, according to what standard, and according to whose measuring stick?

Yeah, those sticks are around again – they are brutal, cruel, uncaring, life altering. Unfortunately, not always in the interest of your personal development.

The mind can hold you captive.   The gurus in the world state that we should reach a point of one though per breath – yeah right, I hear you say, it is possible. It is possible with tools like, determination, discipline, self-love, self-care and self-acceptance.

Control, we control every aspect of our lives, the time to wake up (yes, you do not want to be late), the time we have dinner (yes you have to eat with the children), the time to do this, and that, and oh my schedule is disrupted because of XYZ…

One thing in coaching, one fundamental, is to teach the conscious mind that nothing is in your control. NOTHING. Death cannot be controlled, the traffic cannot be controlled, the car breaking cannot be controlled, the children getting sick cannot be controlled, should I continue?

The only “control” you have is the response towards the obstacles you experience, the understanding that getting angry, will not serve you. Feeling a bit blue is ok, but it is simply a moment in the day. It is not the whole day – that is your choice.

So, I have had a bit of a rough night, with loads of wakefulness for no reason… But it was moments, not all night, and my day still started with the sun rising, the birds chirping away, I have a choice – thank you mind for the wakefulness and thank you for another day to write another page in the life called mine. With all the unexpected interruptions so early already, with all the oh f&*ck, now what…

I aim for ONE THOUGHT PER BREATH, I hope you do too.

Still waiting for the answers of the dragon? Here you go, Beahnca says, a Dragon blows out the flame of a candle, very carefully, if that does not work, he/she farts on it.

Now you can sleep better – May your Monday be full of smiles, and focusing on the fact, we are travellers, not captives.

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