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I find myself saying often – just give me a minute, just a sec – be with you now. Just a little busy right now. And yes, most times it is very true, you are raising the eyebrow I see. Do I have to explain this quick?

We get side-tracked at times with “being busy”, stuff that can wait until later. So, we don’t take a call, or don’t pay attention to where it is needed. Think about it, true isn’t it? That is what I mean with “mostly true” at times.

We state so proudly that we are running behind schedule, and need MORE time, when time is all we have… and time is something we can never get back.

The child that asks for your attention, when you are so pre-occupied with “other-peoples-stuff”, (NOT TALKING YOUR JOB), stops asking after a while, but you don’t notice, as your world is still filled with being occupied.

The friend that needed your time, because of a struggle they were experiencing, stops calling – ever wondered about that friend? Maybe you should. In truth, yes you are ONE person and cannot take on the world and be the saviour of the masses. But I am sure you don’t call (name) all “friends”.

I am slightly “emotional” this morning as I wonder how many times my child will still want my attention, my help and to share her beautiful yet very strange way of seeing her life and world.  I also wonder, how many times I have missed the opportunity being “busy”, side tracked, pre-occupied with things that really should not be part of my day. Again, please – I also work, I am also busy with LIFE – and yes, we teach the people around us our healthy boundaries – but I do hope you see deeper than this or read with your soul. I am one that forgets many things, birthdays, anniversaries, checking in, giving you something I promised… My days are full, just like most of you, it doesn’t mean that I don’t care; if something is important to you – a reminder is all it takes.

I have realised that I should change certain things, when I am asked to have a bath with the 6-year-old, to go bath… to lie with her, to do just that. To listen when it is needed, to teach when I can, and educate as best I know how. For me, it is more than that this morning, it is standing outside the circle I deem “important” and being mindful of the time I hand so generously, and watching what is left for myself, and the immediate circle, those that dwell within my sphere of living.

Paying attention to when I am asked my opinion, or advice – ensuring I do not fall in the vicious circle of repeat. As this, take so much energy and deprive those of theirs, that needs it too.

Another awakening if you want to call it that – and another reminder for me, as I am sure it to be for some of you as well.

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