I Have Learned

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I have a feeling we are going to be repeating loads of stuff this year, or maybe my gramophone is stuck and needs a slap on the side to jump over the “repeat”. Maybe, and who knows, we are to have repeats of some stuff until we actually SEE, HEAR and understand. Until, then… we repeat…. 😊

I have learned, that not every smile is a friendly one

I have learned that not all that ask “how are you” are interested in the answer, but more so to gather information and spread rumors.

I have learned that my energy is important and where I place it even more so.

I have learned that at times I have to be selfish to sustain my inner calm and listen to my own heart

I have learned that speaking out, and being honest is frowned upon

I have learned that “friends” all want the same thing, respect, love and understanding, but many are incapable of extending that which they want.

I have learned that love is universal, and easy to “give away”, at times difficult to receive because of pride

I have learned that there is truth in the saying pride can be your downfall

I have learned that some people leave you for a day, a month, or a year, and may return on their own, the choice lies with you to either accept or decline.

I have learned that no justification is needed for the above

I have learned that other people’s issues, are just that, their issues.

I have learned that I need to distinguish between my own constraints and others, and place my own above the resistance of taking ownership

I have learned that many will use “my name” in ways of untruth towards people that have no idea of whom I am and what I stand for

I have learned, that it doesn’t matter, as long as I know whom and what I am

I have learned that I do not owe the world an explanation, nor justification for my actions, if I cause no harm

I have learned that each of us are having some difficulties, every day, some more than others, however how we respond towards them is what makes us stand out from the crowd

I have learned that some voices do not have a place in my world, nor my mind, and sometimes it is a struggle to silence them

I have learned that life, my life, is beautiful, and flawed, and repeated mistakes in different shapes are my inability to see the “light”

I have learned that I should be grateful for the small things above all else.

I have learned to find joy no matter how small or how long it takes

I have learned many other lessons, some mastered, some not. Many a work in progress.

Mostly I have learned to trust myself again. Love myself more and let those go that gives my face a frown.

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