The Way Forward

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Greetings beloved,

I hope that for most the “new year” is the start of many joyous adventures. Paths found, and passions lived, whatever you believe your purpose is in this world, may you live it in truth and love…

I know many are still in the “holiday mood” many will be travelling back this weekend, and most are not interested in a “heavy set” post, until the needed brain function is required, by next week… 😊

We are in the “back to school mode” and starts of many new “chapters”, and lessons.

This year (I am not in the “new-phase” of “new-year yet), we will do things a little different in the group. As many requested different subjects last year, I think we have lost the aim of the group a little.  Don’t worry, I will still throw in the phobia, and the behavioural constraints one can have, just to keep the “freshness” going. However, healing evolution will “return” to the reason it was created.

To help others heal – to hand tools, and to share pages out of my book more often. And yes, it is an actual “book”, lessons learned, some mastered, others failed, experiences, sharing my personal difficulties and how I cope with it.

I have settled into a though process of accepting ME, as me. You may raise the eyebrow, as yes, I am nothing but ME, but let me explain. We all have that thing of – “I used to”, I do the same… measuring myself – against myself. And harming the ME I am now.

Ok, so a quickie – blah, fish-paste, you all know the story. I know that I can never be the person I was two years ago, I must accept the vessel I am in right now. And I am doing well, no matter how frustrating.

I must let go of a voice that I HOLD IN MY HEAD- many people live comfortably with having no thyroid, and are not tired, or functioning perfectly. The need is real to acknowledge the masses that are not and accept that I am part of that group that will not function well or the same ever again.

Healing Evolution is extending the invitation of talking ACCEPTANCE.

Until further notice, enjoy your family, your down time – your “get the head sorted time”.

Many Blessings

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