I Cannot be Replaced

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Are you replaceable?

A touchy little sentence, and question, don’t you think?

Let me speak for myself. I am, irreplaceable. Because, as it has synonyms – I am unique, inimitable, matchless, exceptional, rare….

I am not everyone’s cuppa tea either. I speak my mind, I am honest, sometimes a bit brutal in the honesty department, but hey, I would as the song goes, hurt you with truth than a lie.

People are in your life for many reasons, a lesson I had to accept once again myself in this “festive” time. The shocker is, that even parents, and therefore children, are only in our lives to either teach, or be taught. Blood is not always family. I stand with this, and I stand strongly.

Some people wander off, to go and learn lessons in the world, that you have not signed up to teach, and if you know, trust and believe that you CANNOT be replaced, be patient. They do find their way back to you, a little wiser… and if not…. Well, I challenge you to this:

How “much” is your love?

Are you still seated? Not a very difficult question to answer for me, for me it is honesty. Brutal, clear, straight forward honesty.

I tend to think the person that believes they can lie to an energy reader, must be so wrapped up in their crazy world, or not knowing how to “live” honestly anymore. Oh, and you can decide if you think I am judging…

While my world consisted of “retail” I used to tell my team – you will miss me when I am gone… the meaning behind my words, were simple – I cannot be replaced, the love I give you, the attention when you need it, the assistance when you request or not, I give. The time I take to listen to you, the small gestures, of letting you know I care… simple- go home at 4… asking you about your children… wondering if you have recovered from an illness… a small hug, helping you unpack stuff, giving you a genuine compliment…

With my friends (whom are mostly family anyway), the same – honest feedback when you need it, or ask for it… there by your side, to either pick you up as best I can, or fight with you, if I can. And see, if I cannot, I will tell you so.

I cannot be replaced, nor do I fear replacement. I am unique, my love “cost” nothing therefore…. I cannot be replaced.

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