Speak with Your Own Words

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What lies in the heart, is spoken from the mouth… True?

Oh, shall this be a challenge this morning. Shall we see, what we speak about, or at times regurgitate from some “read” up or memorized idea or concept of another. And let us not throw stones, as any form of learning is about the idea and concept of another, and how they perceive the world around them.

One can challenge many things with this, schools, what children are thought these days… those with youngsters know. Or anyone studying now, the concept is the same. You are “following” the idea of another. Whomever it may be.

What makes you different, is how you take what you “learn” and implement it to “fit” your world. There are so many words thrown around these days, it makes my head spin, “new-age”, “vibrational energies”, “enlightened beings”, “awoken”, “spiritually aware” … the list is endless, and we will sit here the whole day going throw it.

In the end, no matter the “word”, the jargon used to express, it all stays the same. If you cannot listen with your “higher self”, (oh there is a good one), the “I” inside (another good one), you will not hear a thing.

If you cannot “feel” with your heart, love with your complete ordinary “meat-suit”, listen with your senses, not your ears…

You do not see

You do not hear

You do not experience

It is as simple as that. I do space out when people start bringing up names and places and this one said that, and this is what I have read from blah, whomever – rude, maybe, but that is your perception, I am more interested in how you are using what you read, how you are implementing what you have memorized, and can you still speak “ordinary”.

If you hold an audience captive and lose one, you have lost the aim of what you are trying to say – I have spoken about this many times over, I know, but again reminded this weekend of the importance to listen to the breaths between each word, the language of the face, the emotion under each expressed experience, and connecting to the other person on this level.

When you use what you know, it is wisdom, implementing what you “read”, “studied” into your life – and I maintain, knowledge is power, but knowledge is only that – “That which you know of”, if you can say, I read “blah” and this is how I have used that in my life – you have reached the point of wisdom, and most of us seek this – the level of complete understanding of the “world” around us.

It brings me back to Oriah Mountain Dreamer…

I hope you enjoy the “clip” once again.

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