Web of Drama

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Divinely Creation,

I bid you a beautiful morning – let’s see if I can “race” against the clock 😊

As most morning goes, I drive to school, and have all these random thoughts of where the “word” should go, and as much as I try and remember the “what-sounded-like-a-great-idea”, poof – gone… And then there days that I sit here, not wanting to speak book, or not having much to say. Or, other days, I write up an entire two page post, read it and go – “seriously”, what a load of “you-know-what”.

Ideas sometimes come from the weirdest places – well, as I love to say – nothing in this world is “weird” to me. But from a “seed” the thought has grown so here goes.

Yesterday, I needed a “pick-me-up”, yeah I have those days too, sometimes more than I would want, a beautiful, however somewhat disturbing post was shared – I found it beautiful, and I could relate, I hope you guys have seen it… yes, the one about “TRUE WITCHES”, and before the others run – the word “witch” in theory does mean healer – by plant, by crystal, by colour, by reiki, by whatever your path is…

I found it comforting in the knowing that I am not isolated in my experiences, and well, if you are going to feel offended – mmmhhh, mirror, mirror right?
Some of us have chosen our paths, what I mean by that is that it took years of reasoning and internal battles to get to where you are, and most days you still feel like you are “branded” and frowned upon. Others have been very blessed and have “fallen” with the bum in the butter – and learned from young, that source (God/dess) is in everything.

Within our daily struggles, we forget who we are, we get side tracked with the “noise” around us, we are blinded by the drama, and no – let us be grown up enough to say – we allow this to happen. We allow the others to pull us within the web of chaos, we allow the world to “change” our true natural force – we allow, but have you wondered why?

From my personal experience – agree or disagree – we are always open for another’s opinion – I believe, each person that crossed our path either has to teach, or be taught, either has to inflict pain, that had already been within us, and denied the opportunity of resolve – or help us with our pain… Either remind us of the joys in life, or influence us to see the more darker. Each and every one has a purpose – each and every person has something to give – or yes, to take…

We are right to say – what makes us stand out from the rest is how we respond to such situations, but let’s be brutally honest, when we are so emotionally high, we want to cause the same as what we are experiencing… and there lies the lesson.

Evaluating relationships, all of them, is much needed at times. Some people should be left to wander off, others, you hold close and dear, but learn that boundary thing – and do not sell yourself out. Each day, I feel I become more – being so busy at times that I do forget to eat, or to do the “normal” house stuff, or I allow myself to become so involved in “drama”, I ALLOW.

Sitting back, and letting the universe guide, mourning the loss of “friendship”, getting angry for a second, trying my hardest to “let go”, (I do have an obsessive nature), is my lesson, at least for a while, and within that I am finding the guidance of self-acceptance, and the reality of what it means to truly love ME.

This I share with you, with guidance from a highly respected psychologist and spiritualist Dr. Branden… And I hope that our view of what life truly is about starts to shine through. It is not a temper tantrum of a 5 year old, a block and delete on Face book, or a lash out to all that want to listen, be careful who you lend your ears to – just remember – that same mouth can turn on you, a sad but realistic approach to life from ME.

How beautiful this world would be – if each of us can give a little light every day… just a small piece of the beauty within you…

I hold you in love, and hope that your journey for today is without the web of drama…

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