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Greetings on this Beautiful morning,

I hope you all had a peaceful night, if not, just know, you are never alone, even if you feel all alone in this world, I’ve got you – you know who you are. I’ve got you… holding onto you with love and cosmic energy for survival, as survival is key right now.

We speak “book” again today – let’s see why living consciously is known as the foundation of self-confidence and self-respect.

Our minds are our basic means of survival. All our distinctively human accomplishments are the reflections of our ability to think. Successful life depends on the appropriate use of intelligence-appropriate, that is, to the task and the goals we set for ourselves and to the challenges we face. This is the core biological fact of our existence.

But the appropriate use of our consciousness is not automatic (one can wish), rather, it is an act of choice. We are free to strive for the expansion or the contraction of consciousness. We can seek to see more or to see less. We can wish to know more or not to know. We can struggle for clarity or for fog. We can live consciously or semi-consciously or (for most practical purposes) “unconsciously”.

This is the ultimate meaning of FREE WILL.

If our lives and well-being depend on the appropriate use of consciousness, then the extent to which we honor sight over “blindness” is the single most important determinant of our self-confidence and self-respect.

We can hardly feel ‘competent’ in life while wandering around (at work, in marriage, dealing with children) in a self-induced mental fog.

If we betray our basic means of survival by attempting to exist unthinkingly, our sense of worthiness suffers accordingly, regardless of other people’s approval or disapproval of us.

WE know our defaults, whether or not anyone else does…

Self-esteem is the reputation we acquire with ourselves.

In any given situation, living consciously means generating a state of mind appropriate to the task at hand. Living consciously means taking responsibility for the awareness appropriate to the action in which we are engaged. This (my humble opinion), above all, is the foundation of self-confidence and self-respect.

Self-esteem, then, is a FUNCTION, not of what we are born with, but how we use our consciousness – the choices we make concerning our awareness, the honestly of our relationships to reality, and the level of our personal integrity.

Some say, that a person of high intelligence and high self-esteem does not feel MORE appropriate to life or more worthy of happiness than a person of high self-esteem and modest intelligence.

Living consciously implies respect for the facts of reality-the facts of our inner world as well as of the outer world…as contrasted with an attitude that amounts to: “If I don’t choose to see it or acknowledge it, it doesn’t exist.”

I leave you with –

Living consciously is living responsibly toward reality. Fact in your life – will always be fact.

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