War Within

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Seeing that Monday has passed us, let’s get the grey matter working a tad today… what do you think?

Remember we said: self-esteem is best understood as a kind of “spiritual attainment” – A victory in the evolution of consciousness.

When we think this way, we could appreciate the foolishness of believing that if we can only manage to make a positive impression on others WE WILL THEN ENJOY POSITIVE SELF-REGARD.

Many of us will stop saying to the inner being – the higher I inside: “If only I get one more promotion; if only I become a good wife (to whose standards anyway) and mother; if only I am perceived to be good provider; if only I can afford a bigger and better car; if only I can write one more book, acquire one more company, one more lover, one more award, one more acknowledgement of my “selflessness” – then, and then only will I really feel at peace with myself – *raising eyebrow* – really?


We will realize that the quest is irrational, the longing will always be: JUST ONE MORE.


If self-esteem is the judgement that I am appropriate to life, the experience of competence and worth – if self-esteem is self-affirming consciousness, a mind that trusts itself – no one can generate this experience EXCEPT MYSELF.


When we appreciate the TRUE nature of self-esteem, we see that it is not competitive or comparative. *Shocker*


Genuine self-esteem is not expressed by self-glorification at the expense of others, or by the quest to make oneself superior to others or to diminish others to elevate oneself… Yup – hard truth right there…


I like this one:

Arrogance, boastfulness, and the overestimation of our OWN abilities reflect inadequate self-esteem rather than, as some people imagine, too much self-esteem. I bet you, you are going, yeah I know someone like that, or maybe I am like that


One of the most significant characteristics of healthy self-esteem is that it is THE STATE OF ONE WHO IS NOT AT WAR EITHER WITHIN THEMSELVES OR WITH OTHERS.


The importance of healthy self-esteem lies in the fact that it is the FOUNDATION of our ABILITY to RESPOND ACTIVELY and POSITIVELY to the OPPORTUNITIES in life- in work, in love and in play.


It is – the foundation of that serenity of spirit that makes possible- the enjoyment of life.


Let us not confuse drive and strength with “war”… there is a fundamental difference between those. But we shall not jump the “gun”.


May you have a blessed day

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