Evolution of Consciousness

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Good Morning Beautiful beloved of the Universal Source,

Milk run done – one tick off my box on many to-do’s today. Boys are at the vet, back home and talking to you! Yeay Me!

Urgh, and then I have to people, then to OT with my gorgeous little human, pick up furchildren… and, and whatever in between… oh yeah, feeding the little furballs. I do sit and wonder when I hear the meow and the soft grunts of the mama Gaia, how anyone can ever hurt something so beautiful and so precious. But let me not get started on that today.

We “talking” book again today, and let us go a littler deeper in that thing called self-esteem.

Self-esteem, on whatever level, is an INTIMATE experience; it resides in the core of our being.

It is WHAT I THINK and FEEL about myself, not what someone else thinks or feels about me.

As children our self-confidence and self-respect can be nurtured or undermined by adults – according to whether we are respected, loved, valued and encouraged to trust ourselves.  BUT – even in our early years our own choices and decisions play a crucial role in the level of self-esteem we ultimately develop. And you thought I was going to blame your parents or your upbringing… nice try. 😊

We are far from being merely passive receptacles of other people’s views of us – I am a walking example!

And in any case, no matter your upbringing, as an adult, the matter is in YOUR OWN HANDS.

No one else can breathe for us, no one else can think for us (well… 😊 ), no one else can thrust self-trust and self-love upon us.

I can be loved by my family, my mate and my friends and yet not love myself. I can be admired by my associates and yet regard myself as worthless. I can PROJECT an IMAGE of assurance and poise that fools virtually everyone and yet secretly tremble with a sense of inadequacy.

I can fulfil the expectations of others and yet fail my own; I can win every honor and yet feel I have accomplished nothing; I can be adored by millions and yet wake up each morning with a sickening sense of fraudulence and emptiness.

You sitting up yet?

To attain “success” without attaining positive self-esteem is to be condemned to feeling like an imposter anxiously awaiting exposure….

Just as the acclaim (approval) of others do not create our self-esteem, listen carefully-

NEITHER do knowledge, skill, material possessions, marriage, parenthood, charitable endeavours, sexual quests, or *giggles* face lifts.

These things can sometimes make us feel better about ourselves temporarily, or more comfortable in particular situations; but darlings… comfort is NOT self-esteem.

The tragedy is that so many people look for self-confidence and self-respect EVERYWHERE except within themselves, and so they continually fail in their search.

In days to come – I will show you that self-esteem is best understood as a kind of “spiritual attainment” –

That is: As a VICTORY in the evolution of consciousness…

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