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Dearly Beloved,

Sounds like we ready for a church gathering… 😊

I am running in today to remind you to be who you feel to be on the inside. Allow the world and the pressures from the dogmatic trend setters and the pressures from the so-called society fall away.

Be bold, be purple, be blue for all I care. Be who you feel you are. Have a mindset of listening to the internal voices more than the external. Shine so bright that the world needs shades to look at you. And do not dare dim that light.

Allow yourself to be different in a world where everyone is the same. Be grateful and celebrate your uniqueness. Be content in knowing you are free. Within yourself lies a freedom unimaginable. Cut the chains of the groups you follow, be part but also apart.

Speak up and be heard, stand up and be noticed, walk tall, expand your inner beauty. Be a glow stick, a glow worm, just glow.

Rest your flame at night, but never allow another to put out the fire within you. Do not tell yourself there is no way out, believe that the world needs the different, the weird, the socially unacceptable.

Life is short, a blink of the eye, yesterdays problems will still be with you today, put them down. Breathe a little, rest… open the bag and allow the secrets of your core to fall out like stars in the night sky.

My drum, my song, my life – live it the way you choose.

Do what ye will, harm none

Blessings on this Monday, may your week be trouble free, may your day be filled with smiles, and may you remember, there is always someone that sees you – be brave enough to show YOU!

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