Heart of Forks

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Greetings Beloved,

Today, we will “skip” the next “lesson” on self-esteem – people do tend to get lazy by ready the same-old-same-old.

I want to talk heart today. No, not about the chakra, or the need for the beautiful “pump” to ensure everything is going where it needs to – however still controlled by the brain anyway. As without that the body cannot function – yeah, that is why when one is “brain-dead” there is no hope.

My dragon (not my daughter), my personal dragon sits so firmly placed on my shoulders these days, that I am shocked after she has incinerated the poor soul talking or wanting to say something she disagrees with.

I do wonder, why she has woken with such a vengeance… She had been peacefully – maybe – asleep for a while. Maybe she needed the rest for the ‘fight’ to come.

But she is targeting the hearts, she goes for the kill, she takes no hostages anymore. I had this saying on a Saturday morning at work – when the targets were high – we go for the kill, take no hostages!

I want to believe it is because I allowed – yes you read that correctly – I allowed my heart to control many things. The way I viewed those around me, the possibility of finding the “good” in people. Or just the general populace. And as you well know, at times it is very difficult to see a small spec of light in another being.

My view and the take on my heart this morning is; unless you meow, bark, tweet, croak, hiss, spit or moo, there is little space.

Let me explain – go fetch a fork quickly.

Look at the fork – do you see the “handle” part? Thick sturdy, ready to be used. Do you see the smaller “handles” for the food you are going to pick up.

Right, put the fork down, but keep the image.

I like to view life as a fork. People say that “I walk” away – and this is when I use the fork – happily we trot along the sturdy handle, until something either in your life, or in mine happens and we choose a different “leg” to walk off on.

I have not left you – if your heart is like mine, you will patiently sit and wait at the *drumroll* “fork in the road” and once I have returned tell me all about your adventures. From there, we are either on very different parts in our journey, or we go forth as if nothing has ever happened that could possibly cause ripples in our voyage – our “ship”.

Ah, and if you have been to a grand restaurant or set a table with so many damn forks that no person knows what to use – you will know too, that there are MANY different forks.

Life is a spiral, a never-ending spiral, it comes to the same places all the time, and source/universe/ God or Goddess takes the time in watching if you have learned the much-needed lessons.

So is that fork –

I do not leave you – I do not walk away – I see the need for you to venture off on one part of the fork. And at the split, I sit and wait. Once you have done what you needed to do, I know you will return. And that is my heart. The heart made up of forks.

Make no mistake – I can choose here to throw the fork out with your name on it. I can choose another fork for us to travel on… Or I can keep that fork in the drawer of my heart hoping one day, you turn around and see, the peas you had to climb over was not mine I placed in your way, or the slip off the spaghetti, was not me wishing you to fall…

Until then, my heart stays a fork.

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