Self Esteem Part 2

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Good Morning to all on this beautiful Moonday Morning,

Did I swallow a happy pill? Nah, not so much, I do think that as the wheel turns and the “older” we get, the more we learn… one can hope. I think there are huge milestones in every year, and yeah, that seven-year ich thing is very real… So according to the who’s-who in the zoo, I have officially reached emotional maturity… *SNORT, ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING*

You have forgotten that according to the graph I worked out from countless referencing (over 20 psychologists) one only reaches this emotional maturity at said age of 42, given the “law” of exposure to the “correct” developmental stages in a positive capacity. And no, it doesn’t mean the lesson is positive, it means the experience is teaching you in a positive capacity. And at my ripe age of 22, I have years to go… *snort*

I left many hanging on Friday talking about that thing called “self-esteem…. I do hope that I got you siting up, as I have decided to stick to what I know, studied and can have a heated argument about 😊

We have hardly touched the tip of the ice-berg, and we are still on the importance of the self-esteem, so get a cuppa, light that smoke, and let’s start reading.

In the process of growing up, and in the process of living itself, it is all too easy for us to become alienated from (or never to form) a positive self-concept. We may never reach a joyful vision of ourselves because of the negative input from others, or because we have defaulted on our own…. Wait for it:




Or because we have judged our own actions with INADEQUATE UNDERSTANDING or COMPASSION

The stone in the bush 😊

However, self-esteem is always a matter of degree. I have never known anyone who was entirely lacking in positive self-esteem, nor have I known anyone who was incapable of growing in self-esteem.

To grow in self-esteem is to grow in the conviction that one is competent to live and worthy of happiness, and therefore to face life with greater confidence, benevolence (compassion), and optimism, which help us to reach our goals and experience fulfilment.

TO GROW IN SELF-ESTEEM IS TO EXPAND OUR CAPACITY FOR HAPPINESS. If we understand this, we can appreciate the fact that all of us have a stake in cultivating our self-esteem.

It is needed to hate yourself before you can love yourself more; we do not have to feel inferior to want to feel more confident. We do not have to be miserable to want to expand the capacity for joy.

The higher the self-esteem, the better equipped we are to cope with life’s adversities; the more resilient we are; the more we resist pressure to succumb to despair or defeat.

The higher the self-esteem, the more likely we are to be creative in our work, which means the more successful we may be.

The higher the self-esteem, the more ambitious we tend to be, not necessarily in A CAREER or FINANCIAL sense, but in terms of what we HOPE TO EXPERIENCE in LIFE: EMOTIONALLY, CREATIVELY and SPIRITUALLY.

Here is a good one: the higher the self-esteem, the more likely we are to form a nourishing rather than destructive relationship, since: LIKE IS DRAWN TO LIKE – fight me all you want to here… And just as an FYI – I am not talking about a mirror – very different concepts, even though it does overlap in some sense. I can say; health is attracted to health, and vitality and expansiveness are more appealing than emptiness and exploitation. OBVIOUSLY, you say… what?

Ah, I like this one too – the higher our self-esteem, the more inclined we are to treat others with respect, benevolence, and goodwill, since we do not perceive them as THREATS – do not feel as “strangers and afraid in a world (we) never made” (poem by A.E. Housman)

The higher our self-esteem, the more joy we experience in the sheer fact of BEING, of waking up in the morning (ok, granted I need my tea), of living inside our own bodies – no matter the aches and pains, right?

These are the rewards of self-confidence and self-respect. And not one person reading here today, can swear that on all levels they are complete within the level of self-esteem… Not even me, I don’t try and pretend that my scales (Libra), 😊 don’t tilt the wrong way at the best times.

I am very proud of my journey, and no matter the “ugly” I have experienced in life, it gave me the opportunity to grow self-esteem… and for that, I am very grateful.

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