Can You Hear Me

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I know it is Friday as the calendar tells me so, and on a Friday we have “light” posts… I know.

As you well know, with all that said, there will be or may be something very heavy to follow.

Your choice in perception, but my thoughts and my truth.

I hardly place anything “personal” on my private page these days, my voice is and will most probably stay loud and heard for those whom have none, or whom we think have none. Just because we do not understand the language doesn’t mean they don’t speak… Yes, the animal kingdom.

But is it not the same feeling one has when you are confronted with a language you don’t understand, wondering what is being said?

How many languages are there in this world, and how many do you understand?

Besides the spoken languages there are languages of the heart, mind, soul and higher truth, inner wisdom- that Jiminy Cricket created eons ago, the voice of the forefathers, the voice of the tribe… Many languages don’t you think?

Not wanting to create sadness or any form of disturbance as you venture into the weekend, simply reminding you that we all “speak” differently. That is the beauty of humans, and the beauty of all things created, no matter what or who you believed made it, or just pure evolution or a big bang.

I am sad today, within me lies the heaviness of lives lost in hurricane Florence, and yes, I understand that people must ensure that their children are safe and themselves… But I do wonder, can they not “hear” the request – please don’t leave me – I am scared too?

I must stand back and take a deep breather and allow the emotion to wash over me – with many saying, shelters do not take in the animals, they had no choice – you always have a choice – always. You cannot “tie the dog down in thinking it will not “wash” away with flood waters, or lock it in, thinking you will come back for it later.

What will I do when high waters come, or fires… or earthquakes… What would I do – can I stand in bravery and say I will not leave, can I be judgemental in my thinking of “how could you do this”… maybe I am a saint when it comes to my beloved animals, or for all Goddess created creatures, me – should it be my time… I will sit and wait with them. Yes you can say, because I have not been in the situation I cannot say what I will or will not do –

I know one thing, because of the “ability” to “hear” them, because of either gift or curse – I will not be able to leave – the screams in my head will haunt all my days. So, unless I can have 40 cats in safety, and the 3 dogs…  I will sit with them – and because my faith is strong, I believe the universe, source, god or Goddess, will keep us safe.

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