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We all suffer some form of addiction, you think I am making this up?

Let’s think quick, some of us have an addiction to cigarettes, and we say it is better for others that we smoke as we would kill them. Others have an addiction to alcohol, and yes this can tear families apart if the drinking changes behaviour and becomes a “first” in the lifestyle, lets see, before your children, your partner… and you can tell yourself that there is food in the house and the mother takes care of the children – what could they possibly need more?

The answer to this is simple – they need you, they need you to be active in the daily routine of interaction and love, support and all other things that comes with being part of a family structure. People say it is a coping mechanism, of course you are right, but it did start somewhere. If you cannot go one week without having a drink, or one day without having a smoke, you are an addict, plain and simple.

Then of course we have the hardcore drugs, those things that can destroy you in less than the blink of the eye. And even here some will argue that this is only a “social” thing, I can live without it.

I know less than nothing about drug addiction, I only know that no one decided one morning to smoke a meth pipe – is that, even right? Or snort cocaine, or “pop” a tablet, god knows what kinds are available…

I too know that there are so many other things that we become addicted to, and let me assure you that any form of OCD, or control, is  * drum roll* an addiction. And addiction to the little boxes we place our lives in, the in control of everything factor that sometimes isolate not just us, but creates a barrier that majority of people cannot get in…

Recently I have learned that forms of BDSM become an addiction, I have researched and without judgement walked into the world of this scary, however fascinating subject. I can see myself in some forms here, I will be able to be so dominating it will knock the socks right off you.

Let’s move to a lighter thought, flirting – easily becoming an addiction. Social interaction or the obsessive need to be part of something or someone, stalker much – not so much, the need to belong is in all of us.

As I have journeyed and have come to my own conclusion of ALL humans have a form of addiction, there is no judgement. Or at least I try desperately to have none. My only concern will be when your lifestyle of choice start to negatively impact another.

They say Libra born people procrastinate… they say Virgos have an obsessive need to control every factor in their lives. They say that Gemini’s hide most of whom they are…. They say many things about all the star-signs… Mountain goats cannot stay faithful… Those boxes, those premeditated social fixes of where to place us all… And the list goes on.

But my question is – what is your drug of choice… what is it? Obsessive cleaning, smoking, drinking, the bell of the ball?

Attention whoring… oh yeah that one is in there too… Aggressive? Oh and calling woman bitchy and cold – mad eaters, I love that comment – I do remember a time where I stated… I eat little boys for breakfast, and maybe I still do, who knows…

Work acholic, head in the sand approach to everything… I needed to release this from my system today, as I sit and wonder – how many people use fear as their drug of choice…

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