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Healing evolution is in hope that your weekend passed with much joy, laughter and love. And if not, if there were tears and pain, heartbreak and discomfort – I extend a hug and remind you, in the “dark corners of the mind” lies undiscovered answers to the way forward.

How I wish I can open face book one morning and find compassion, towards all universal creatures. No spews of racial hatred, no cruelty towards man or animal alike – what a beautiful day that will be… One can forever be hopeful. If the businesses did not run from this platform, I think I would have shut down some time ago, I do have limited “exposure” on here, and aim to spread the word on homeless animals, hero’s we never hear or see, those few individuals that would risk anything, or extend the beauty within them to another in need.

There are thousands of guidance scriptures out there about the power of the spoken word. Don’t worry we are not getting all heavy and “book” this morning.

Some contradict each other, others have a reliable partnership in the biography and general resource field.

People (generalising), do not understand what it means when one says: “declare everyday the life you want to live – declare it, as if you have it already”

I have spoken about this many moons ago, it is not about positive affirmations, nor about using someone else’s words in order to have the life you want. It is about being aware of the thoughts you have and the words you speak.

Remember, that when you speak, the subconscious knows no reason, it listens all the time, and what you say or think, it takes as truth. When you have an ill thought about another, and I am no different here, it is much needed to stand still and re-evaluate what you are feeling about yourself.

A reminder to be mindful of how you speak about yourself. Do not put yourself down, do not make derogatory remarks about yourself, your inner being is listening.

The thoughts we think, accumulate. Think of your mind as a computer – negative in, negative out, garbage in, well – garbage out… Anger in, ta-da… dis-ease out.

It is true, anger festers like maggots on a corps, disgusting thought isn’t it?

Freedom and inner peace are found within, releasing a situation – not telling you to agree, but releasing it and stating that you may not have agreed, makes your vessel healthy. It keeps your essence free in moving around, from energy point to the other.

A subtle, yet philosophical discussion, be aware of what you “wish” for, or what you think or say – the universe is also listening and will align to give you what you want, not how you want it…

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