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I know it is fun Friday, but because we have mentioned yesterday we will hand a list of “things” to do, to get you moving forward – we will run like the wind and it to you. Then and then only can you go off and be happy about FRIDAY! Joking 😊

Consequences of NO ACTION – think about the utmost worst-case scenario if you remain in the position you are in currently. Create a hypothetical life, the pie in the sky

Baby steps – have your goal, but create small milestones for yourself, and celebrate them!

GET STARTED – sound so silly doesn’t it? But there is nothing worse than “wanting” all those beautiful dreams but standing absolutely still.

Construct an agreement – really you ask… yes, have agreements either with another party that will help you focus or with yourself, but here you will need that thing called discipline…

De-personalize the goal – make it an adventure, a learning test anything that will get you excited

Be afraid and do it anyway – stop laughing – this is a huge step, when you are slightly afraid of the outcome it means that you are truly being challenged, and that is NEVER a bad thing.

Set up the best support structure possible – have a coach if you need one, remember this person will listen anytime and be impartial, thus able to hand you an over view of your situation and or a different view of the mountain in front of you.

One of my favourites –

Set up the consequences if the move is not made. HAH, this is where you are challenged to work through old fears and pains, and voila, you move forward

And the best – Set the deadline to either DO IT, OR DUMP IT.

What you say, oh yes, if something is not working for you go back to the drawing board. Go and see how you can change the pie in the sky and learn from it. It is always about learning, that is how you move forward! And if you decide to DUMP IT, LET IT GO. There is no need to worry about something that you have chosen to leave behind.

Do you know that this discussion today and yesterday are the fundamental uses of a healer? Many do not even know that they use this platform. They many call it different ideas, but the basics remain the same.

Healers challenge you, I have seen a lot of posts again over the last couple of days, where it states that a healer does not heal you, they show you the way to heal yourself. They show you how to move forward.

Those words are very true. People think that when they see a holistic healer and or a coach of any kind, there is a magic wand and poof, all better. Oh no, we sit with a mirror in front of us, a huge mirror, reflecting all the things you think you cannot accomplish and all the things you think are so negative within you. We challenge you.

Any respectable healer will create a reaction where you re-look all the values, the beliefs, and sometimes your entire “way of life”.

Yesterday and today, we “spoke” book, a honest and open sharing of moving you forward… Now, off you go, have a happy Friday.

See you on the flipside of the weekend!

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