A Moment Please

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A moment please

*You can attract things that you fear if you focus on them constantly

By fearing that something will happen, you are likely to play the image of it happening over and over in our mind. Your body will tend to act as if the thing that you fear really is happening and the outside world, in turn, will react to that by manifesting it.

*You might get what your subconscious mind wants even if your conscious mind “wants” something else

Sometimes you may think that that you want to be, do have something but this is actually what you think you “should” or “ought” to be, do or have – not what you truly desire to be, do or have…

You will find it hard to fool your subconscious mind, which strives to give you what you REALY want. We talk about this genuine desire as the product of the “inner voice” which reflects the authentic self.

And you ask what this is about this beautiful morning.

Taking instructions from the subconscious mind. Being aware that people may say something, but the true desire of the self lies underneath all such layers. Take the time to learn who the person is that you go home with. What they say, and how they say it. And most importantly – what they do not say or do.

You find that strange?

If we look at someone, anyone pick a person day 😊

Some say that we reside in a state of “coincidence – I say, no. Nothing happens just out of the blue. Take a look at things breaking, businesses faltering, friendships deteriorating. Consider if this could be the result of the subconscious mind handing an instruction. Remember in that realm and very much a part of you, there is no logic, there is instinct and the will to survive. *eye of the tiger and Dean from Supernatural in my mind*

Internal conflict shows in a pattern in your life. And no one of us can side step this, there will be a page in your book where you experience the internal battle.

Sometimes it shows as an adrenaline junkie, the never enough money syndrome, compulsive behaviours, constant changes, repeated illness (oh yeah), poor timekeeping or continual lateness. Just to name a few – there are many others.

There is a beautiful, yet simple structure to move forward. Aiming to bring the inner voice to the surface.

Look today in the list below, on where you think may fall holding you back?

“First time syndrome”

Feeling alone

Overwhelmed – getting ahead of yourself

Fear of PERCEIVED consequences

Pressure to perform

Inertia – Law of nature stating it take more energy to move something forward that to keep something in the same place.

Shall we talk about what to use to move forward over a cuppa tomorrow morning…

Blessed day, and happy evolution

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