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Is the most insidiously destructive of all the emotions, because it implies internalised resentment and an avoidance of responsibility.

Wow, big words so early in the morning.

When we feel guilty we attract some form of punishment. It may be in the form of accidents, or illness or some other nasty event that will give us emotional or physical pain.

Guilt like any fear, is dissolved by understanding, love and forgiving the self.

Everything we do in our lives, good or bad, is done to learn that ultimately, we are beings of love. Naturally we do some bad, hurtful things to ourselves and others in the process of learning.

It is no different form a child falling over while he/she is learning to walk.

It isn’t bad to fall over, that is part of the learning process. If the child kept remembering how awful it was to fall over – and reminding themselves of the pain – they will never learn to walk. So, they automatically focus on the LEARNING and the goal to walk!

We have a choice here – we can say: “I am a bad person for doing that and I am never going to let myself forget in case I do it again. I will keep beating myself to remember how bad I am… Staying stuck to where you are ☹

Or you can say: “I did what I did then, because I was learning that particular lesson in that specific moment.” By doing that – even if you have done it fifty times and still do it sometimes) you are learning that it doesn’t feel good, and you are adjusting your behaviour or attitude. This is a pure way of taking responsibility for your won actions.

This way, you can forgive yourself – not the only way please – and continue towards your own goal of Love.

The following is my opinion, thus please understand my thinking. There is a “false” religious teaching that we are all sinners and must suffer. This can never be a teaching of love.

Love ultimately teaches joy and forgiveness, it then encourages us to move forward.

Today and the rest of the week – try and forgive yourself for those “mistakes” you have made, for the parts of yourself you do not like much. Accept the lesson and move through the day with love and aiming for peace and joy.

Remember that love teaches us to aim for the “light” and try and try again if we don’t succeed.

GUILT: powerful but useless

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