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What is it about us as human beings, loaded question and yeah, I hear all your “answers” without knowing what the end of my sentence is.

What is it about us, that we cannot differentiate between behaviour and the person. Why do we immediately choose to attack another when they disagree, when things do not go our way. Or the flipside, we allow the “other” to crucify us, whether it verbal, physical, psychological or emotional.

I have been thinking, and no, it did not hurt. The grey matter does work at times. Yesterday was a strange and hugely consumed emotional day for me. For no reason at all. Thus, honouring the fragile state I was in, I kept my mouth shut.

Today, I stand back and wonder about the world in general. I have watched serious traumatising videos on Face book, seen racial comments, seen people attack each other. And yes, years ago I was on the wagon. Now I silently watch and inside I cry.

When people speak about evolution, and I am handing an overview of the general populace please, many seem to think that this mean that you do not get angry, that you are all fluff and light and never fall. Never have a weak moment, and never have anything get to you. No, it does not mean that at all. In life we are taught lessons, evolution is about what you do with those lessons. Do you repeat the same cycle, thinking you find a different result? Who was it that said it was a sign of insanity – it fails me right now. People have this urge to say they have changed and form some reason it makes them feel better inside, pointing a finger towards those they BELIEVE are stuck or seemingly slower than what they are.

I know one thing friends learn with me is that I never or try my utmost to never judge you in your choices. Again, I will state, your life is how you want to live it. It will never be for me to try and change your path – that in my book of knowledge is manipulation. It doesn’t mean that I do not take the opportunity to challenge you. Because if you are true to what you believe no one will ever be able to “change your mind”.

I have mentioned to someone not so long ago, how beautiful life will be if we could take a step back and evaluate a situation, NOT THE PERSON, and accept the choices of another.  Do not for one second think I have no difficulty in understanding some choices. But I remind myself continuously, those are not my selections. It is not my path; thus, I cannot hand judgement on another.

Each of us walk around with something “broken” (lack of another term) within. Each of us decide to either hide it well, leaving it to fester underneath the surface, or others like me, that voice. And yet we throw stones and each other. But why can’t you say XYZ, but why do you talk about things so honestly. Either way, you will meet people that feel uncomfortable with your choices. The only “thing” I have for you here, is do what makes you feel comfortable in your own skin.

I have spoken about having a “person”, that person is not always the partner you have, sleep with, have sex with. It sometimes falls with either a stranger (therapist), or someone you trust and respect enough to open with. To be brutally honest and drop all the beautiful masks you carry around for everyone to look at.

Most people find me “funny” and not in the haha way – when asked a question, I will respond in saying is this where I lie to you or where I am honest. So if you ask me, how are you – be prepared to hear my answer. As I may have had a disagreement with my husband or my best friend, and I need to voice my sadness, irritation, complete and utter whatever “emotion” has me in the icy grips at that moment… but here is the thing – people use that as weapons.

From a psychological aspect, many of us have shut down over the years, there are no sharing in truth and honesty, as the fear within us have reached a point where we no longer trust another to share. So, we answer – “I’m fine”. We tell ourselves that people will not understand, and the fear of using what we have shared becomes so real, that we start doubting each person that crosses our path… Worst – we doubt ourselves…

We doubt that there may be a person that will look at you and find you either intriguing for the decisions in your life, learning from you, and probably learn from your experiences.

“They say learning form your mistakes is great, however learning from the mistakes of another is pure genius.”

Take the time today, instead of throwing a stone form your glass house, look through the window, you may learn something valuable.

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