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When someone we love are experiencing pain, any form of pain, let’s say a child – our first reaction is to comfort, desperate in trying to “take” the pain away. With a child we can wrap our arms around them, place them on our laps, extending as much love towards them as humanly possible.

Looking at a grown up in pain, it is different. Ever realised that? Sometimes it makes us uncomfortable. Many times, we tell them, to “snap out of it”. Or that what they are experiencing is not so bad. Do you know what you are doing? Without using words, you are letting them know their emotional side is wrong, they should not feel this way, it is not that big a deal, they should by now know how to deal with life.

And, good morning to you. Another week, another set of challenges coming your way. More lessons to learn and more mistakes to be made. Yeah, it goes hand in hand unfortunately.

The last couple of days I have been open to other peoples’ emotions. Not sure if it had been the beautiful and so emotional full moon, or the fiery sign of Leo, or the “come-down” from Mercury – who knows, or maybe it is all about the alignment of my internal clock. None the less, I have been feeling deeply.

I wished that I could take the hurting away, wished that I could change the world with a snap of my finger. Wished that I could give the empty space within some people all the love within me. But from knowing, I cannot take their lessons away.

This is my lesson yet again. The voices in my head reminds me that I cannot change the world, the emotional traveller in me says – yes I can, one animal and human at a time… The realist reminds me, that burn out will be result of giving too much.

I know readers in here have experienced sadness for no apparent reason, heartache as well. Some crucifying themselves for an “odd” behaviour. I don’t have much wisdom today, a bit wind burned, and low on physical energy, but one thing I constantly remind myself of, is that nothing stays the same.

We are meant to feel the way we do at times to learn and move forward. I told you that I have been in another cycle of pure release. Another lesson of acceptance, of simply being me. And as someone commented, it looks as if I have all my ducks in a row – no, I don’t, nor do I pretend to have all the answers. I can fall of the wagon as well. I can too, get so emotionally high-jacked it is scary to witness. I am no hypocrite, I am many other things, but I don’t believe I suffer hypocrisy. It takes too much of my energy to be something I am not – believe me, I lived there long enough…  My face gives it away… 😊

So, I would like to ask, why some of us find it so difficult to “deal” with another’s’ pain? Is it because when we see the emotion it triggers something within ourselves that we have buried deeply? Maybe we are thus uncomfortable that I cannot be around anyone that is not as “strong”, or level headed as we are… here is another one for you – the perfect life from the outside, never knowing how much that person is keeping within themselves? Never knowing that the person you sleep next to, is breaking under the weight of pretence, screaming inside to be seen.

Our challenge today and for the week… sit with your own pain, or someone else’s, do not try and fix it. Just sit with it. Feel it, listen and imagine their worlds or you own, and look for the reason behind the reactive discomfort you experience…

Blessed and beautiful week for you all. May you walk in love and joy, acceptance and understanding. Mostly, may you find peace.

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