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The universe is giving me profound messages this morning. Waking up the subject in mind was completely different to the one I will chat about… and you are welcome to disagree, as even I do with what I find…

Three books later, and the same message is open for discussion.

I cannot call you by name – but little Gemini – let me reassure you that this if for you. And I hope you see the message behind the words this morning…

The Guru says:

“here are two reasons for relationships on the earth plane: one is growth and the other is so that we can have pleasure and fun.

Not a single person is in our lives by chance. We are like magnets. We send out energy and draw people to us according to this energy. CAREFUL WHAT YOU SEND OUT.

They say that is we send out negative energy we will surely draw in negative people – seriously looking at myself this morning 😊

If we send out beautiful positive energy we will magnetise beautiful positive people toward us. (really?)

All the people we have attracted into our lives are there as an exact reflection of the energy we hold, so if we PRETEND to be tremendously happy and bright to cover up a tendency to depression, we’ll draw in a proportion of depressed people.

If we are PLEASERS, covering up underlying resentment, we will attract resentful people.

With the above this individual agree fully.

“The people and situations in our lives are a mirror for us to look into so that we can see what is really going on within us.” (Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most harmed of us all?)

It makes sense then to say, everyone around us represent part of us – in another body!

If we stand in a room, surrounded by mirrors, whichever way we turn we see a different aspect of ourselves.

In the same way, the people in our lives reflect different aspects of ourselves, our personality. We have relationships with them in order to learn about ourselves. Our learning is to accept the aspects they represent so that we can grow.

Do you still wonder why I stand firmly in thought, that from each person we learn? Always, no matter if it is negative, or positive – we learn, every day, all day from people we interact with.

Again, we say, if we do not get on with someone, it is a reflection of something within us we struggle to accept – example – “he/she makes me feel bad”, She/he makes me feel guilty… Here is the thing – No one can “make” us feel anything. It is but a subtle reminder of lies underneath the surface of our true self.

Is this truth?

Or does it require more wholeness of the TRUE SELF, and the acceptance of parts we don’t like within ourselves, thus ensuring more people we get along with?

Is it true, that all our relationships depend on how we feel about ourselves…. And not on the other person at all?

In the hall of mirrors, there is only one important relationship – our relationship with ourselves.

One man may be a crook, while we are reasonably honest – if the dishonesty don’t particularly bother us – we are non-judgmental and accepting, that is not a mirror! We have to search deeper and find what we “feel”.

We may find that we feel vulnerable in this man presence – that is the mirror – the vulnerability of yourself.

What does your hall of mirrors say… take a good hard look – at that relationship, with your true self.

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