Dear Heart

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Dear Heart,

I wonder often why people say, “my heart is breaking”, “shattered into a million pieces”.

Do you?

Did you know, that respect for and understanding of another’s feelings leads us to feel at peace with ourselves?

Healing Evolution, is taking lessons from the trees this morning. Say what? There is something in the leaves falling that makes this human very sad. In order to understand the intricate workings of the trees, obviously, I have researched and read as much as I can to “feel” at peace when the leaves fall.


My lessons from the trees are simple. For me, my understanding of storing water, and the leaves that literally “die” from thirst are however complex. Then again, the challenge came in with understanding why some trees are “ever-green”.

Did you know, that those trees are able to regulate the water supply, just enough to keep the leaf “living”, and in many cases a new leaf will only form once only has fallen from the tree…

Wondering what I am babbling about this morning – I am a tree. I can choose between being an evergreen or a tree that MUST shed itself from OLD leaves, in order to have SPACE for NEW growth. Is it not the same in life?

The heart must shatter into a million pieces – cracked and broken open until something new can enter?

If we are thwarted in love and cannot make meaningful relationships with others or do not have friendships that last, we could end up doubting ourselves. Our self-worth. Such feelings grow, until they are a real tangible imbalance – preventing us appreciating others – or ourselves.

There will be no input of love, thus no output of love either – and the ability to love is dying slowly inside us.

Still wondering what the trees have to do with anything I just said? Sometimes, we are evergreens, able to live life with the people we hold dear to us, and friendships that really compliment us. Other times we are the tree that MUST shed the leaves. The people we hold dear taken away, the life we love so much, turned upside down. Sometimes, we need to experience the heart shattering.

It does not mean that every year we must go through something earth-shattering. However, something will happen, somewhere that may challenge the way you think, and do things. The choice is then yours – to look at the leaves on your tree that needs to go, those that no longer serve a purpose towards your higher self. Those that are taking and not giving anything in return.

Most times, we as humans are so blind to the tests, to the challenges, to the opportunities to grow and to change, to hunt the life we want, to reach for the next chapter, to have courage to be bare – leafless.

When I moved from a townhouse (hated every moment of it), I took with me a stick, I say a stick as my husband teased me in asking, what the hell do you want a dead stick for… That dead stick stands proud in a pot, and have grown. It was still alive. At times people look at us, and see a dead stick – do not be afraid. The right pair of eyes will fall on you and see that you are still alive underneath the “deadness”. And when they do….


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