Mirror Mirror on the Wall

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Repeat button this morning, as the guiding is requesting a bigger explanation on what we touched on yesterday.

Before we go there, I want to ask the question, besides the beauty queens, and the muscle Mary’s out there – how many of you have stood, NAKED in front of a mirror? And just looked? Without the need to criticise what you see… difficult right? Yeah I know 😊

My young friend, you have triggered some forgotten and already touched on, a while ago information within me – and due to that, I shall continue, as within the words are lessons again, for me as well.

“When we really understand how the PINCIPLE of mirrors works in the Universe we have an amazing tool for growth because everyone who comes into our lives gives us the opportunity to grow.

Let us give you examples of how life’s mirror work –

If we hold a BELIEF that we are stupid, we will attract people or situations which make us FEEL stupid. Not always sure if I agree on this, but let us continue). They REFLECT the feeling of stupidity back to us so that we see our OWN BELIEF in the mirror. See, that is why I can say that there is a reflection of US in another person.

“One woman said that her husband was incredibly irritated, bad-tempered, angry man and she couldn’t understand it because she was a mild, easy going, nice person. When we met, her jaw was rigid with tension. She was tremendously controlled with a smile plastered on her face. Her husband – was mirroring all her suppressed anger.

Another client said that he was very successful in business, but his close friends were not. The person is/was striving desperately against his fear of failure. His friends mirrored the fear of failure back to him.

So, instead of us saying “we don’t like these people” and trying to avoid them, the task could be – to change our BELIEF systems. When we change our BELIEF, the reflection will change. Either the person moves away, or our attitude is so different that we no longer feel the same way towards them. Here is the catch – we think THEY have change…

Another way of looking at that mirror is to say, “What do I think of that person?”

If I disapprove, I must look at where I disapprove of myself. He/She, is after all “me” in another body – for example: If I dislike the way he/she “plays” out sexuality, I have to look at my own sexuality. Ahhhh, and here for just a second I take a break – loud/silent, larger than life at times, smaller than a spec of dust, introvert/extrovert… accepting, and YES judgemental… opinionated and maybe cruel… dependent on whom you ask 😊

I am – a mirror, and so are you – hate me, love me… admire me, reprimand me… But me, I shall be. <3

Here is the challenge:

It is vital that we look at all the POSITIVE mirrors around us… see – not all doom and gloom… In personal growth it is very easy to look at the negative stuff, in the belief that we are cleaning the mud out of the pond….

However – you must allow the shining positive light of encouragement on to ourselves…

And there you have it – the mirror can either be – positive or negative… as within every negative lies a positive and within every positive a negative – The Balance of the Universe.

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