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Blessings on this new day,

Some are half way through the day, others still sleeping to wake up to this day. Sounds so weird in saying it. It is early do not have the mind over work just yet.

I find myself at crossroads, as I speak so honestly about my life here, I choked up completely yesterday telling someone about my life growing up. There were not huge amounts of information shared, but I still choked like an old Chevy.

All over the world people are coming “into the light”. And from another interesting conversation, from some time ago, I must admit that there is much truth in the statement, the Universe is aligning itself to balance the overflow of “light and joy” with maybe a tad much of cruelty. But whom am I do judge the Divine Laws and the Guidance from whence is comes.

Most of us are guided towards the “light”, as again from a conversation, and a reading last night, I have been reminded that nothing can thrive in light alone. In darkness we must rest. It may seem as a repeat of writings, look at it once again as a reminder.

Live with kindness, integrity and spirituality. Comfort yourself with grace under pressure. Be an asset in the lives of others. Put people before things and live from your heart. Be intelligent, but know it is better to be kind than smart.

Be a peacemaker who values peace and takes peace everywhere you go. Learn to understand your energy and how you create with your energy. Have among your priorities the characteristics of politeness, compassion and patience. Avoid making rash assumptions. Be a believer in true love.

Seek deep communication with others and with yourself. Laugh and make the best of every situation. Understand that life is not perfect. Be whole enough to love and to be loved. When you find real love — protect and preserve the sweetness and intimacy of your gift. Make your home a heaven on Earth.

You can help others once you are safe, secure and successful in your own life. It is a hard lesson for me, once again. The constant running to help others, to my own detriment. Self-love, and self-acceptance is important. And as I said yesterday, charity does start at home.

Practically every successful person you know of is successful, in part, because they moved the destructive and disruptive people out of their lives. Successful people carefully manage their energy and associations; they are gatekeepers. Be your own gatekeeper again, be aware of what you give out. Take care of this precious gift you were handed called life. Do not think for once second that my life is any less filled with stresses than yours. I choose to have an “off” day if I need one, I get up after that, I carry on. I was just reminded again about Oriah Mountain Dreamer, her words have carried me through so much in my life. If you have not read her books, do yourself the favour, read it.

Who you allow into your life, mind and heart are among the most important decisions you will ever make.

Take inventory of the people with whom you spend the most time. Who you spend your time with is who you are, or who you will soon become. Limit your exposure to unhealthy and unsupportive people. Love yourself enough to say no to people who diminish your chances for a beautiful and empowered life.

Sometimes you must get away from what you know to discover what you don’t know. It is time for the abuse, control, lies and negativity to end. No matter the repercussion, no matter the changes you need to make, make it for you!

Align yourself with a new tribe of healthy people who are supportive of your highest good and greatest potential. Find the people who are living the positive lifestyle you wish for yourself and who share your values, and create a new family of friends that you can call, “home.” Your new positive and supportive tribe will edify you, strengthen you and empower you to serve others in ways you would have never before imagined.

Taking care of yourself is the most powerful way to begin to take care of others. It is not too late for you. It is never too late to begin loving yourself again. It is never too late to have the life you deserve. Healing for everyone begins with self-love — starting right now.

A simple, yet powerful reminder of the Courage to Heal.

Many Blessings for all today, may you have a wonderful day and night, until we speak again.


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    • Let me honest,

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