Keep your Pot Half Full

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Good Morning Readers,

I hope that your weekend passed without heartache, pain or frustration. If you had to endure, I do hope that you had someone there to comfort you, hold you and dry the tears.

If not, you made it to today! Well done, for not giving up.

I had so many ideas on what to speak about this morning, as I pay attention to the emotional state religiously, however, so much for remembering!

One thing I can touch on this morning, as it lies fresh in the mind, and had me think once again on human behaviour.

This weekend passed I had the privilege to be at the Light and Joy fayre once again. As I was not feeling my bouncy, crazy head person due to both internal and external constraints (Michelle, just for you) 😊

It showed, it showed so much that peeps I have not seen from many months ago, picked it up immediately.

It showed me the stability of my person. The everyday consistency of a happy demeanour, always willing to listen to you, always willing to share.

But it also, did something else to me. Something I found odd, as it is not part of my person. Ok, many peeps that think they know me, will tell you I am hard-core, unwilling to change, don’t have empathy, nor sympathy – self inflicted troubles do not get my vote – and all those beautiful things they can label another with.

This weekend, I stood still, I stood within my own soul. I opened doors and let the fresh air swirl around within. And I got busy! At times I get a bee up my bonnet and need to have radical changes, this weekend, it was the lounge, the lounge needed to be turned around and moved around, paintings hung in other places, fish-tank moved, surfaces cleaned, you get the picture. One thing that stood out for me was the fact that I knew internally that the “wall-unit” was on its last legs, and so it is, moving it from one spot to another, showed me the toll the years took and this material item.

I stood still and thought of the physical work, then realised I have not moved much within.

With a shock I found that I love to tell people to put themselves first. To ensure they are taken care of. Come on’, I don’t mean you eat and the children don’t. What I am saying is that I voice towards others that they should take care of themselves first, become a little selfish, make time for themselves, and ensure that they evolve. No matter the book knowledge gained, and the wisdom within, I have neglected that very important part of myself for a while.

It does sound hard-core to say, that I don’t care much of what others think of me as a person, as I know my heart is good, my soul is loving, and I will do for you what I can. But this is not JUST about me, it is to have you stand still today, and every other day, thinking of what you give of yourself, and what you get in return. I hear you loud and clear – giving should not be accompanied with receiving – and I agree with you. But in this reality, there is and should always be an energetic exchange of something. Whether it is tangible or not. It is the balance of life. No one can give from an empty pot, I don’t know where that “saying” comes from, nonetheless I love using it. And dear heavens did this hit me over the weekend.

What I am telling you this morning, take a hard look at those around you. You have the right to evaluate the importance, and you have the right to minimize their time in your life.

Obviously you have been paying attention to all the things we have spoken about, and by now you know of the mother person, I have taken that hard decision and have eradicated the influence on any known level. I took a stand, I must wonder what happened to me over the years, that I would allow another to “use and abuse” me.

Have I changed?

No, as no person can ever change – we only BETTER ourselves daily. Striving towards that golden crown of pure love. Does this mean that I have evolved, towards a state of acceptance of another’s behavioural constraints? Maybe, who knows, maybe it takes longer for me to get fed-up, longer to write you off, longer to walk away. And maybe it is a good thing (in total disguise), maybe it is a very bad thing… That is for me to find out, it is for me – and you – to take stock of our lives, to venture and see if the path we are walking is actually ours, or are we dancing unwillingly to another’s choice of music?

When that niggly thing in the back of your mind becomes a little louder everyday – pay attention. You need to listen, willingly, or unwillingly, you need to listen.

Today, I am dancing to my own choice of song – sing Freddy sing, It’s a kinda magic… And yes, it is, I needed to be reminded, that into this world I came alone, and out of this world I leave alone. Sounds horrid…but true.

Feels like my “point” got lost this morning, allow me to direct you. YOU are beautiful, magical, courageous, brave, loving, caring, stubborn, a go-getter, a never-back-down, a wonderous product of your own making – use it well, and keep your pot half full all the time.



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